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plaster days – part 1

or rather my accident memoirs… what ??  when n how did this happen? where are you sweetie? i really didn know… that’s what people said. people as in –  neighbours in the apartment,  friends, friends from work, everyone from work, family, extended families and the election candidate who came to say “hi there” knocking at every door…

well that felt nice.. didn’t know i could complete one whole round of socialising without  attending any baby shower event or logging into anywhere. and then i told them the story..

me and anand were on our scooty. it’s a small two wheeler supposed to be droven at lesser speeds of  20-30 kmph on busy local roads in the town. that’s exactly what we were doing.  but here it is.. we were on the scooty after a long long time. had left arjun at parents’ place (god’s grace that was). suddenly there were four bikes and an auto in sight. they were all in a single line covering the entire road’s width. 3 of those bikes were easily on the wrong side of the road. we tried to take to left as much as we could and were about to stop with lesser than 10kmph, but before we knew they were here already and the last bike crashed on us. both of us fell off. i remember myself kind of flying off and then everything blanked out. then i saw arguments and traffic stopped around and lot of people gathered. some guys helped us to reach to a nearby hospital. they took me out on a stretcher as i couldn’t move. after a couple of x rays, doctor declared there was no harm to my injured leg, just some swelling and advised me to walk. since we both had bruises and pain in other areas we were in the hospital that night. it was arjun’s first night out without mommy and i was worried about him. next couple of days they kept putting off my discharge for flimsy reasons and suggested expensive unnecessary tests. one day we told them we were just leaving and decided to check into a specialized orthopaedic hospital as my leg was still not mobilized. pain worsened. after checking mri scan and ct scan reports, the new doctor said, there was a fracture and ligament damage both below the knee joint. i was operated next day and a metal screw was fixed near my knee forever. also for some reason the anaesthasia injection in my spine didn’t take off and was inserted thrice before operation. it was very very painful. later the effect was for longer than expected on the spine and it took 4-5 days for blood circulation to my head to return to normal.

hard facts of life.. what can i say ?