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plaster days – part 1

or rather my accident memoirs… what ??  when n how did this happen? where are you sweetie? i really didn know… that’s what people said. people as in –  neighbours in the apartment,  friends, friends from work, everyone from work, family, extended families and the election candidate who came to say “hi there” knocking at every door…

well that felt nice.. didn’t know i could complete one whole round of socialising without  attending any baby shower event or logging into anywhere. and then i told them the story..

me and anand were on our scooty. it’s a small two wheeler supposed to be droven at lesser speeds of  20-30 kmph on busy local roads in the town. that’s exactly what we were doing.  but here it is.. we were on the scooty after a long long time. had left arjun at parents’ place (god’s grace that was). suddenly there were four bikes and an auto in sight. they were all in a single line covering the entire road’s width. 3 of those bikes were easily on the wrong side of the road. we tried to take to left as much as we could and were about to stop with lesser than 10kmph, but before we knew they were here already and the last bike crashed on us. both of us fell off. i remember myself kind of flying off and then everything blanked out. then i saw arguments and traffic stopped around and lot of people gathered. some guys helped us to reach to a nearby hospital. they took me out on a stretcher as i couldn’t move. after a couple of x rays, doctor declared there was no harm to my injured leg, just some swelling and advised me to walk. since we both had bruises and pain in other areas we were in the hospital that night. it was arjun’s first night out without mommy and i was worried about him. next couple of days they kept putting off my discharge for flimsy reasons and suggested expensive unnecessary tests. one day we told them we were just leaving and decided to check into a specialized orthopaedic hospital as my leg was still not mobilized. pain worsened. after checking mri scan and ct scan reports, the new doctor said, there was a fracture and ligament damage both below the knee joint. i was operated next day and a metal screw was fixed near my knee forever. also for some reason the anaesthasia injection in my spine didn’t take off and was inserted thrice before operation. it was very very painful. later the effect was for longer than expected on the spine and it took 4-5 days for blood circulation to my head to return to normal.

hard facts of life.. what can i say ?


new teacups

its early morning. the cook has just left. as i wash some assorted veggies, my eyes glance at the time and then tea cups on the shelf. i leave the veggies in the cooker for the kid’s soup and start clearing the mess in front of me with practice and without thought. the cups are wearing out and i need to pull out new ones. water heats in the teapot and i add some sliced ginger for the cold weather. the husband is almost ready and stacking away untidily the bunch of boxes that i just packed. theres a box having new cups, maybe i should start using them now.

suddenly i feel its a busy weekday evening on mount road, chennai and we both have just met after work. we walk into popatlal and sons – the huge and old fashioned crockery shop. he is thinking about work, i am dreaming about crockery. i want the funky, he said it wasnt classy. finally we buy these cups.

oh the tea is boiling already. i shall filter it into the usual cups only. the new cups are already full – of memories.

weekend mania

this weekend was really maniac. some of it was planned.

saturday morning anand was overflowing with energy as this was one saturday he was not working.
we had a south indian breakfast of medu wadas and dosas followed by coffee and then he left to buy some swimming gear from a nearby mall. ladies and gentlemen please note the reason for his shopping visit.
as he came back, it had taken more than three hours and our watchman to help him carry the shopping bags.
well the results were very pleasing as there was stuff for everyone

suddenly the phone rang and mamaji who stays far away said they are in mumbai, family and kids included and their ‘other’ event is wrapped up so they have headed towards our home. now its no secret how a guest alarm leaves u hurrying and scurrying to arrange things for them (keeping things in order is deleted from the list as one of the house members is a virgo hence the house is generally presentable ) so finaly here we were at 4 pm waiting for them so all could have lunch.. they said, hey! sorry to keep u waiting, but we have had lunch at macdonalds! we said, hey! alright.. we both had lunch and then i made lassi for everyone. finally the late lunch headache stopped. then we arranged a tourist cab for them to see a few places while they freshened up.

now it was time to open the gifts, and we were enjoying ourselves to the hilt, hahahaha who doesnt
we were really surprised as we opened the packets

late evening was planned. we were to go out with some friends for dinner. we met in a restaurant in powai and after trying to climb to the tables, the baby went off to sleep peacefully in his pram. dinner was nice, friends were warm, we came back well after midnight.

mamaji left next day post breakfast, and then we did our grocery for the week. afternoon nap was a giant one due to the week’s slogging and evening we were ready again to go for a best friend’s reception party. however unexpected guest can come unexpectedly and we were again playing arrangement arrangement.
reception party was nice and the couple looked great. will write more about the reception party in a separate post.

by now baby schedule was the only one, running on time and hence he was a happy soul. i was glad for for all reasons.


just as i thought of unsubscribing in the last post 🙂
theres this monthly women magazine published by the DNA newspaper “me”. i had written to them in their letters to editor section. gotcha! letter is published and i win a hidesign handbag! awwwww u need to be a girl to know how this feels…

little joys of life,
(though i dont think hidesign pricetags are anything close to little)

PS: now need to get footwear to match it.

daily monthly fortnightly weekly

..food for thought that is

its been a while we are unsubscribing and re subscribing and trying to get entertainment from the print media.
we all rethink (frankly get bored) of what we have been reading at some point of time or the other.

times of india is like is a pepp up. it comes with a lot of colourful supplements and the pepping up part is – u can browse through almost all of that before u finish a cup of tea. i mean theres too much visual relief
but little to read and think about. apart from politics and violence which if you chose not to read,
you can catch up the next day. all of it will look similar. then they have one editorial page, where the bachis and jugs of the world write till sarcasm kills.
too much footage for that one.

next, DNA. its concise and no frills. reader feels the same – no frills. 🙂

economic times is something we have settled to. it has something for everyone, yes they manage good matter without losing focus on economics of course.

now theres this entirely different category – magazines for women, which i am interested in.
a good magazine for a woman on the go should talk about issues that matter to her, money management the way women want to learn about (its much simpler than what they talk about in economic times hahaha), about homes, about quick kid lunches tips maybe, about kitchen tricks, about work life balance, about careers…in practical ways which i can conform with.
a little research in the area, showed me a wide spectrum on reading habits.
femina, the most leading fortnightly is just toooo glamourous for a normal woman to feel
good about anything. you pay 75 bucks every fifteen days to only and only see that u donot have designer
velvetty diamond studded footwear to match every dress, and have to remind yourself after every two pages that you are not in the modelling profession and hence donot own all those make up products and evening gowns. awwww gosh.
theres a magazine called “me” sent out be the DNA newspaper guys. i got it for a few months. it talks about successfull women, travel, and some trivia everytime. better. a lot of data though and no heart to heart connection.
in the us of a there was a good magazine i always read the redbook magazine. very balanced content and interesting issues.
compare that to the indian magazines and theres one thats close – new woman. balanced, all round content that matters. right now i am reading this before my noon siestas.

food fortnight

this is going to be a simple blog post, just mentioning last fortnight’s updates.

last sunday night, we soaked some green pulses in water. monday morning saw usal – cooked and gravied dish from sprouted pulses, which also later became misal by garnishing with onion, sev, tomato and a dash of yoghurt. tuesday was kadhi – tangy buttermilk side dish with ginger flavour. on wedesday we had palak parothas. Thursday, was a normal maharashtrian poli(roti) bhaji(sabzi) koshimbir(salad with tadka) amti bhaat and dahi day. Friday we had hot masaledar butter paav bhaaji and soft dahi wadas. they were really good and i thought wow what a marathon with cooking going on. Friday we had soaked and readied batter which turned into sumptuous dosas and sambhar on saturday. sunday we had monchow noodles soup but in a restaurant.

before we realised it was next monday again and we decided to make it a usal day once more but this time – walachi usal, the white gram. tuesday we had lemon rice, a south delicacy in which daal and lemon are used while cooking rice. thursday we had paneer tikka, its not very difficult to prepare however it tasted awesome due to the masaledar yet lemony flavour of the gravy. friday was supposed to be fruit salad but anand came up with a surprise plan of going to a resort for a day. those guys had really “cool” water sports and restaurants all around the place so friday we ate a lot of things to add to the list.

tonight, again we shall be going to someone for dinner and if i get to come early will definately love to post what we splurged on.


well, the title “love sex aur dhoka” may ring bells with the hollywood movie”sex lies and videotape”… but i’m not sure if there is more to it than that.

it is, however, similar to guy ritchie’s “lock stock and two smoking barrels”… in the way how three different stories and their characters are loosely intertwined within each other and run through pretty much parallely…

produced by (surprisingly) ekta kapoor and her balaji telefilms, directed by dibakar banerji, it is built on the backdrop of crowded streets and dingy hotel rooms in delhi, the jat culture and its cacophony.

there is a story about love that ends in honor killings by the girl’s family. a story about voyeurism-intimacy being shot on video without the girl’s knowledge, sold for money and masculine pride. a story about what struggling actresses can face in vanity vans and how they can use it to their advantage. entire movie is shot on  digital camera and the concept of tehelka (layman’s word for sting operaton) is used time and again.

people come out walking with a disturbing overdose and shocking revelations of some real issues that prevail in and around delhi, haryana, chandigarh and lucknow.

rating : thoughtful movie but with a multiplex shelf life.

PS : there is quite some material on internet on how we can help save
honor killings and injustice against women with some websites seeking public support for their PIL – public niterest litigations too.
will put a couple of more links here.