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life this way too


week one :

life had taken full on before i realised and recovered.

days started by taking vitamin tablets to beat the weakness. rush to bus stop at 7.55am, getting ready for the 10am meeting agenda, work allocations – give and take, getting on work head on, a watch on the screen clock at 2pm to realise i have been without tea or a even a drop of water. fast track lunch. sooner than i realise its 6 pm(phew!)..somewhere in between all the cacophony i get an untimely call for a job interview..my head is reeling really..back home logged in to finish some damn document, anand home from a still busier schedule by 9 pm, fast track dinner over some television, meeting the interior guy by 10 pm and trying to finish detailing and elevations till 12 am… yawning and changing positions inclusive. rest would have solved so many things, but sometimes its a luxury.

after some days..

week two :

a lot of follow up, travel and hardware gyaan has resulted in boring weekends and hectic weekdays. the furniture is nearly over – thankfully. nitty-gritties getting into place. work has shifted into comfortable zone, due to the slowing of projects, and strangely it has kind of comforted me somewhere.now my health is the only project remaining on hand. and yeah the new job offer seems pretty interesting too… 


club obama

so we all know since the 44th president of usa has been sworn in this week, his biography and photographs etc have been all over us. most of us would have read/heard his speeches and no denying that this guy who has created history in the politics of usa is real charismatic with the crowds too..

however here is some bunch of information from a very womanly point of view.

chicago designer maria pinto helped mrs obama dress up during the campaign. michelle11 

also michelle obama has inspired a new phrase in the fashion industry – ‘recessionista chic’ as she is known to dress up in a classic way albeit inexpensive. her suits and kitten heels are in vogue suddenly in mumbai fashion’s page 3 circuit too.

her economical off the rack purchases from stores and kitten heels for footwear are bak in vogue too.. instead of the traditional black, brown or beige pump, she is know to wear jimmy choo’s “glacier” kitten heel in a deep green to complement her cheerful yellow isabel toledo ensemble.michelle2 

also the interior designer chosen for the white house private quarters is la based michael smith. he is known to understand mrs obama’s vision to create a family friendly home alongwith some of the chic ideas from different parts of america. heres a pic of the private bedroom of the kennedys designed by the same designer –  kennedy 

to see pics of mrs obama’s dance at the inaugural ball, her future plans etc.. click here

an exotic afternoon

sunday afternoon, was an impromptu long drive to the yeoor hills in thane district. abhijeet and amruta were nice company together.
the city clutter starts getting left behind as upvan is crossed and gives way to the ghats patch.. this by the way was also a part where leopards were dreaded to be on the prowl once upon a time.
yeoor hills are characterized by cool temperature and many resorts all over the place. bikers keep zooming in and out.
we went to this resort called exotica. you can see the board as soon as you enter the protected forest area and take the first right turn. the place lives up to its name. all the interiors are wooden and have a look and feel like a malaysian sea side restaurant. exotica4 there are long passages covered on your sides by dense flora and fauna leading to open air buffet arrangements or roofed ethnic lounges inside. the entire thing was a good four five feet from ground level and the ground was a nicely maintained pool. as we walked over to connecting lounges etc, we could see fish, violet coloured lotuses et al in the water beneath… there were huge brass urns that had floating flowers and candles.
the forest they had created inside was very equatorial… dense and myriad varieties of shapes and shades of green.
we took the first lounge we saw. exotica21
wooden ceilings had coloured lights. they had a quiet bar in the far corner with all wooden furnishings too.. we remembered pondicherry.
our menu was luckily chosen well too.. chilled mocktails. an exotic starter with mushrooms, grilled babycorn and broccoli. the sauce the bound this all was tasting great.
then followed a heavy lunch with sabzis n rotis et al.
later we took an entertaining walk around the place amidst chit chat.
it was a great afternoon.

wallpapered and woody is in

something if u want to do up your bedroom..
my simple formula, do a good wardrobe. do a good bed. put a soothing texture paint on one of the walls, or maybe a vinyl wallapaper… and your room is pretty much done. here’s a pic of the basic ingredients in a minimalistic bedroom : bedroom13

pay attention to the dynamics of where to fix what piece of furniture to make the room look more sensible.By a goodlooking wall paint, I mean –something like this

what i think about the wardrobe – look out for how much space u need. what things you plan to dump inside. what is the most used thing u pull out/keep back and which height do you need it. a good idea here is to keep the coat/ hanger section on the bottom right or bottom left, so that you don’t have to bend to pull out clothes and can use upper compartments for all other things. optimum space usage.
utility factor should be 100% here. these days there are accessories available for jewelry, pullout hanger slide magnets for clothes, tie holders etc to make dressing on the rush simpler. u might have some vaastu constraints regarding which direction to keep your mirrors, wether inside one of the doors etc.
finally, aesthetics. we have chosen deep cherry wood colour on the inside and most of the outside, and a light white-cream-cherry combination splashed out on the remaining. if u dont have a limited budget, instead of above laminate idea, u can check out whats called lacquer finish for wardrobe. it looks glossy and nice and has more variety of prints, patterns and colours.here are some looks on the outside of the wardrobe :
1. simple light woody look with mirror on the outside
2. a combination of dark with light, in a room where there is more lighting. partly used lacquer finish
3. one with sliding doors, can be used in smaller rooms. formal look.
also these days, you can wallpaper wood with leather finish, to give a rich look, but only on the outside door panels due to maintainence reasons.

about the bed – i don’t think much thinking is required here. either u need a storage with it or u don’t. design is pretty much a rectangle or a square 🙂 thanks for the info… a square looks nice though if you have that kind of space. our interior guy has suggested us one with low height, and some extra space on all sides. the bottom which is open shall be lit with yellow light.
there shall be attached side tables with it which will not go upto the ground, will stay connected to the bed but in the air.

shall put my pics in this space as soon as it takes shape,
…till then happy decorating!