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loggin in after a really long time…phew!!
finally have managed to upload pics of the finished house. let me walk you through – welcome 🙂



this is the drawing room from both sides. we have managed to collect some artefacts, especially the wooden tumpa that shines in the spotlight.
the pottery was terracotta. we handpainted it at home to give it a glossy copper look.

have a couple of indoor palms in the window sill. planning to add a bouganvilla there, the search is on for a good colour considering the variety in the species.. suggestions are welcome..



above is the bedroom, this one is pretty simple, a bed,side tables n wardrobe. end of story. the bed like i described in a previous post has an margin if 4 inches on all sides moe than the mattress. thats the only design part. lot of work went into designing the wardrobes according to specific needs on the inside.

now, the kitchen..



the centre is a cutting table, the crokery cabinets are lit up inside and my favourite corner is the square glass blocks where we have kept our candles.

the dark room overlooking the kitchen is the fourth room, which just has a book shelf and water tank 🙂 so its definately not worth uploading a high resolution pic of the same. the space is good there though, we might work on it in future.