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of restaurant tipping and behaviour quotients

how much do people tip in restaurants ?

75% of people tip 10% of the bill.
11% of people leave 20% of the bill.
10% of people leave no tip!
4% of people tip more than 20% of the bill.

these results have some more insights.

in a section of society, if we assume 10% of bill amount is a good tipping practice, a majority 75% follows it honestly. this section of people are prompt and honest. they are bound by dutifulness. they are also the same ones who use their own pens while writing out a slip in the bank, plan grocery shopping two days before a lunch party, if a friend pays for something -immediately calculate the bill division and pay up, find it embarrassing and non dutiful to leave dues pending – dues of any sort, monetory or favour wise.

the second 11% section tips some more. its found that these are more travelled people, seen better tipping practices in different places, are earning more than average, or have been to the particular restaurant often and kind of know the familiar faces etc.

the third 10% section leaves no tip! these are the most disrespected people. these are people who have had stingy family backgrounds in the past, lower income families, have grown up seeing how to never let go of their own things, never gift anyone richly, never offer to share money, be happy if colleagues are continually paying dinner n drink bills and never ever offer on their own, hunt for free offers etc. with time they are in good economic and educational backgrounds, visit restaurants as in our above main point, and are aware of tipping practices, are surrounded by quality broad minded crowd. however their baggage is so heavy that they cannot let go of their habits and fall prey to criticism from peers. its not about the money they have saved, its about the reputation they have lost and are called names behind their back – ‘oh so middle class’ or ‘downmarket’

the fourth section which is the thinnest 4%, took some time to differentiate and analyse. these people are bound by compulsive flamboyance, maybe while taking a prospective client on a business lunch or the ultra rich who book entire lounges for privacy etc etc. all i can say about them is, wish i had that kind of money… hahahaha

so much so for the (un) cool tipping…