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..food for thought that is

its been a while we are unsubscribing and re subscribing and trying to get entertainment from the print media.
we all rethink (frankly get bored) of what we have been reading at some point of time or the other.

times of india is like is a pepp up. it comes with a lot of colourful supplements and the pepping up part is – u can browse through almost all of that before u finish a cup of tea. i mean theres too much visual relief
but little to read and think about. apart from politics and violence which if you chose not to read,
you can catch up the next day. all of it will look similar. then they have one editorial page, where the bachis and jugs of the world write till sarcasm kills.
too much footage for that one.

next, DNA. its concise and no frills. reader feels the same – no frills. 🙂

economic times is something we have settled to. it has something for everyone, yes they manage good matter without losing focus on economics of course.

now theres this entirely different category – magazines for women, which i am interested in.
a good magazine for a woman on the go should talk about issues that matter to her, money management the way women want to learn about (its much simpler than what they talk about in economic times hahaha), about homes, about quick kid lunches tips maybe, about kitchen tricks, about work life balance, about careers…in practical ways which i can conform with.
a little research in the area, showed me a wide spectrum on reading habits.
femina, the most leading fortnightly is just toooo glamourous for a normal woman to feel
good about anything. you pay 75 bucks every fifteen days to only and only see that u donot have designer
velvetty diamond studded footwear to match every dress, and have to remind yourself after every two pages that you are not in the modelling profession and hence donot own all those make up products and evening gowns. awwww gosh.
theres a magazine called “me” sent out be the DNA newspaper guys. i got it for a few months. it talks about successfull women, travel, and some trivia everytime. better. a lot of data though and no heart to heart connection.
in the us of a there was a good magazine i always read the redbook magazine. very balanced content and interesting issues.
compare that to the indian magazines and theres one thats close – new woman. balanced, all round content that matters. right now i am reading this before my noon siestas.



well, the title “love sex aur dhoka” may ring bells with the hollywood movie”sex lies and videotape”… but i’m not sure if there is more to it than that.

it is, however, similar to guy ritchie’s “lock stock and two smoking barrels”… in the way how three different stories and their characters are loosely intertwined within each other and run through pretty much parallely…

produced by (surprisingly) ekta kapoor and her balaji telefilms, directed by dibakar banerji, it is built on the backdrop of crowded streets and dingy hotel rooms in delhi, the jat culture and its cacophony.

there is a story about love that ends in honor killings by the girl’s family. a story about voyeurism-intimacy being shot on video without the girl’s knowledge, sold for money and masculine pride. a story about what struggling actresses can face in vanity vans and how they can use it to their advantage. entire movie is shot on  digital camera and the concept of tehelka (layman’s word for sting operaton) is used time and again.

people come out walking with a disturbing overdose and shocking revelations of some real issues that prevail in and around delhi, haryana, chandigarh and lucknow.

rating : thoughtful movie but with a multiplex shelf life.

PS : there is quite some material on internet on how we can help save
honor killings and injustice against women with some websites seeking public support for their PIL – public niterest litigations too.
will put a couple of more links here.

of restaurant tipping and behaviour quotients

how much do people tip in restaurants ?

75% of people tip 10% of the bill.
11% of people leave 20% of the bill.
10% of people leave no tip!
4% of people tip more than 20% of the bill.

these results have some more insights.

in a section of society, if we assume 10% of bill amount is a good tipping practice, a majority 75% follows it honestly. this section of people are prompt and honest. they are bound by dutifulness. they are also the same ones who use their own pens while writing out a slip in the bank, plan grocery shopping two days before a lunch party, if a friend pays for something -immediately calculate the bill division and pay up, find it embarrassing and non dutiful to leave dues pending – dues of any sort, monetory or favour wise.

the second 11% section tips some more. its found that these are more travelled people, seen better tipping practices in different places, are earning more than average, or have been to the particular restaurant often and kind of know the familiar faces etc.

the third 10% section leaves no tip! these are the most disrespected people. these are people who have had stingy family backgrounds in the past, lower income families, have grown up seeing how to never let go of their own things, never gift anyone richly, never offer to share money, be happy if colleagues are continually paying dinner n drink bills and never ever offer on their own, hunt for free offers etc. with time they are in good economic and educational backgrounds, visit restaurants as in our above main point, and are aware of tipping practices, are surrounded by quality broad minded crowd. however their baggage is so heavy that they cannot let go of their habits and fall prey to criticism from peers. its not about the money they have saved, its about the reputation they have lost and are called names behind their back – ‘oh so middle class’ or ‘downmarket’

the fourth section which is the thinnest 4%, took some time to differentiate and analyse. these people are bound by compulsive flamboyance, maybe while taking a prospective client on a business lunch or the ultra rich who book entire lounges for privacy etc etc. all i can say about them is, wish i had that kind of money… hahahaha

so much so for the (un) cool tipping…

this time its 26/11/2008

since ancient times, it was always the basic responsibility of the ruler of the land to see that his people could lead a secure life.then at the time, there were no second chances.a neighbouring king could attack unawares and take away the kingdom, keep captives, molest  women,  demolish original worship places et al. are we different today ? any group of people trained in guerilla and armoury can enter the country and cause damage as and how they want. but, what is more surprising is – inspite of repeated provoking acts like 26th November, we refuse to have a backbone as a country.

in the reign of indira gandhi as prime minister,security was fool proof on all fronts – army, navy, airforce. we could break the bigger part of then defined pakistan  into today’s bangladesh n pakistan – and this single action has saved many more unimaginable things not only for us but for the world.

after the 60 hours of war on mumbai, we are still only left with un-channelized anger of common man, reports of death toll, destruction and the like. worthlessly made public post disaster analysis sans any action.

how could RAW  ignore their intelligence responsibility ? read here for some shocking facts about them in dna india … something we have to be ashamed of.

wat was our home minister mr shivraj patil doing ? wat is he elected for ? as per one spectator on a news channel, “he should be stripped naked in public”

the militants were trained for merely 4 months, but  the real courage came from their anger and determination after seeing fake videos of how muslims are targeted and tortured in india. cant our soldiers be trained along same but more authentic lines? theres a lot that could be done, still can be done, but the will to do so will always be broken by selfish interests of politicians (like for example framing mr hemant karkare and getting him killed to hide big names in malegaon blasts), corruption and politicizing of  intelligence and anti terrorism actions.

martyrdom shown by our courageous few in Indian Police service, security forces is really commendable but unfortunately a wastage due to the double minded leadership.

the way common man is recognising and getting reconciled to the loss is alrite, we always do, as we cannot do aything else, but no one is sure wether their expectations of a better secure place to live in will be ever met.

a note pasted as is : for our safety, in case we come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a note of the new ALL INDIA TOLL-FREE Terror Help-line “1090”. your city’s police or anti-terror squad will take action as quickly as possible. (hopefully!!)

a good post on wordpress, with links to few more-


mumbai, stop calling ourselves ‘resilient’ and how we can get back to work the next day. we have to get hurt deeper. only that will help us get some action.


philosophy corner

there is no such thing as perfect life.

there is no such thing as – “this success just fell into my lap ya..”

theres no such thing as free lunch.


everyone has worked for every li’ll (or big) nicety he has. sometimes worked a lot. sometimes worked it out.


seriousness, maturity, plan, a li’ll amount of necessary dose of worry of wether it’ll happen –

is irreplaceable in reality.


we all want to see our life happening in a certain way. it always doesn’t. true. but we have to try.

whatever we can change shouldn be left undone.


though we cant get bogged down by constant thoughts of progress

with every breath. but the key is to never lose touch with our plan, and sincerity to stick to it.


happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

manoranjan ka baap

the star studded DLF Indian Premier League has finally arrived and is drawing the highest TRPs in all types of media officially.

since the matches are 3 hours each like a movie show or maybe comparable to a football game, lot of non cricket-lovers are drawn to them too… women especially. 

so far people got to see, shahrukh’s Kolkata Knight Riders, vijay mallya’s Royal Challengers Bangalore, mukesh ambani’s Mumbai Indians, chettinad cement’s Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Dare Devils, preity zinta’s Punjab Kings Mohali team, Deccan Chargers. some team owners who are not celebrities have hired brand ambassadors like katrina kaif for bangalore royal challengers n akshaye kumar for delhi dare devils n actor vijay for chennai … 

kolkata team is a clear winner in terms of rage n the winning attitude. deccan ’s andrew symonds too couldn do anything to them.delhi is really mediocre, as is mohali n rajasthan.mumbai team is exceptionally bad. for more visit official website 

it all boils down to selection, and selecting good people who are also reliably in good form at that like mr. ponting. i fail to understand what mukesh ambani wanted to do, he has put least time n effort into any team activity – no team bonding, no ads, the team feels like they are left out high n dry, no brand ambassador on field, looked like he was shaking hands with them face to face on the ground for the first time, and the whole point of this exercise – reliance branding – is missing!!!! whoaa, i mean why??? what for ??? you cold have as well made way for other star hopefuls in mumbai – big B, small B, newbie (new mrs B), thackeray household…. there were many to oblige yaa 🙂

look at other busy people who really spent time with their teams and it shows.

shahrukh, all  ridiculed for his excessive bollywood footage has taken his team exercise very seriously and it really shows, besides of course picking up the right people in the team which does matter a lot…. 

the irony of the whole situation is, the media has created a lot of regionally oriented hype through ads, team endorsements, specially created numbers etc… however, the teams consist of  only one regional player of the particular region and a bhelpuri of everyone else all over north/south/east/west of india , pakistan , new zealand , australia , south africa et al. some celebrities like katrina kaif is not a kannadiga, but endorsing them etc etc. 

whatever the details, it sure is fun to watch, and is more lively with new n fresh faces for the “extraaa” innings and new ways of presentation.

we are planning to visit deccan chargers vs. mumbai indians on wednesday here in chennai, probably hubby will visit Mumbai for the finals!

hubby, as a brand manager for his company is involved in sponsorhip for the series and has got VIP passes, n proudly wears the badge which says – access everywhere except dressing room  😉


pesticide is the new flavour

pesticides were almost everywhere, in hybrid fruits, soda drinks, now officially in packaged branded drinking water in chennai city.


the city consumes 60 lakh litres of packaged drinking water everyday given the dismal water distribution by civic authorities. after having pardoned helplessly, the damage caused by salty borewell water to hair,eyes and skin , now water that’s to be consumed being in the news is a jolt to us.


but the city is quiet. here people only worship, they dont protest. so we ‘north indians’ wait n watch…  n in the meantime  – boil water.