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loggin in after a really long time…phew!!
finally have managed to upload pics of the finished house. let me walk you through – welcome 🙂



this is the drawing room from both sides. we have managed to collect some artefacts, especially the wooden tumpa that shines in the spotlight.
the pottery was terracotta. we handpainted it at home to give it a glossy copper look.

have a couple of indoor palms in the window sill. planning to add a bouganvilla there, the search is on for a good colour considering the variety in the species.. suggestions are welcome..



above is the bedroom, this one is pretty simple, a bed,side tables n wardrobe. end of story. the bed like i described in a previous post has an margin if 4 inches on all sides moe than the mattress. thats the only design part. lot of work went into designing the wardrobes according to specific needs on the inside.

now, the kitchen..



the centre is a cutting table, the crokery cabinets are lit up inside and my favourite corner is the square glass blocks where we have kept our candles.

the dark room overlooking the kitchen is the fourth room, which just has a book shelf and water tank 🙂 so its definately not worth uploading a high resolution pic of the same. the space is good there though, we might work on it in future.


wallpapered and woody is in

something if u want to do up your bedroom..
my simple formula, do a good wardrobe. do a good bed. put a soothing texture paint on one of the walls, or maybe a vinyl wallapaper… and your room is pretty much done. here’s a pic of the basic ingredients in a minimalistic bedroom : bedroom13

pay attention to the dynamics of where to fix what piece of furniture to make the room look more sensible.By a goodlooking wall paint, I mean –something like this

what i think about the wardrobe – look out for how much space u need. what things you plan to dump inside. what is the most used thing u pull out/keep back and which height do you need it. a good idea here is to keep the coat/ hanger section on the bottom right or bottom left, so that you don’t have to bend to pull out clothes and can use upper compartments for all other things. optimum space usage.
utility factor should be 100% here. these days there are accessories available for jewelry, pullout hanger slide magnets for clothes, tie holders etc to make dressing on the rush simpler. u might have some vaastu constraints regarding which direction to keep your mirrors, wether inside one of the doors etc.
finally, aesthetics. we have chosen deep cherry wood colour on the inside and most of the outside, and a light white-cream-cherry combination splashed out on the remaining. if u dont have a limited budget, instead of above laminate idea, u can check out whats called lacquer finish for wardrobe. it looks glossy and nice and has more variety of prints, patterns and colours.here are some looks on the outside of the wardrobe :
1. simple light woody look with mirror on the outside
2. a combination of dark with light, in a room where there is more lighting. partly used lacquer finish
3. one with sliding doors, can be used in smaller rooms. formal look.
also these days, you can wallpaper wood with leather finish, to give a rich look, but only on the outside door panels due to maintainence reasons.

about the bed – i don’t think much thinking is required here. either u need a storage with it or u don’t. design is pretty much a rectangle or a square 🙂 thanks for the info… a square looks nice though if you have that kind of space. our interior guy has suggested us one with low height, and some extra space on all sides. the bottom which is open shall be lit with yellow light.
there shall be attached side tables with it which will not go upto the ground, will stay connected to the bed but in the air.

shall put my pics in this space as soon as it takes shape,
…till then happy decorating!

learnings shared

project home decor.tiring but interesting weekend.

continuing from the last post in this section, kitchen colours are finally selected.  the int guy, anand n me. saturday morning. we walked in to a fairly big shop, with quite some trendy variety.  i generally tend to look at whites n off-whites, apple shade or cream and i was… but  the contrast to go with it was boring. oranges, deep blues, red etc which look good but are very common these days. each of us were quietly pushing through door sized panels of mixed n matched laminates put on sliders… u just have to keep pushing them apart, to expose ones in the next row behind and so on.. they had books too..

finally we chanced upon a fresh white n grass green combination… and liked it instantly… then there were some ideas like how to use the two… what would be the appropriate lighting in the room to go with it.. choice was our both. the int guy gave some good ideas around it. we have kind of built a good rapport now.

back home, wood work happened in two stages –

the first stage was – noisy stage, as you can only hear hammer n nail sounds n at the end of the day all u see is wooden planks small n big…with some internal lining laminate.

the second stage – the visibility, i call it. when the cabinets are up on the wall and u can see things taking shape, and maybe suggest changes here as finally what you get to see always makes a difference even if you have planned everything inch by inch.

third stage is where the above selected combo shall be stuck on the cabinets.

fourth would be the wall paint.

tip to planners : 1. at this stage you might keep on getting more n more ideas as you see things looking better… but keep an eye on the changing budget too.

                         2.  be open to new ideas, being too stubborn on a particular colour you have seen work well somewhere else etc. might not be the the only best thing in the world.

                        3.  if u can catch hold of an interior designer who is flexible n understands just your needs, it’s always a good idea; a person who is in this profession can always give new n trendy ideas and warn you about things that might get wrong from usability point of view.
..and above all enjoy the process, as much as you will the result!

the kitchen makeover

now that i am kind of waist deep, if not neck deep into the interior decoration project, automatically a few posts shall get filled in this section.

after speaking to a few designers to do up our home, we selected one. the main criteria here was, he was open to our ideas as well! a couple of well deserved posts will follow with some other outrageous experiences we have had.

kitchen getting a priority over other places in the house was a no brainer.

well,  so have pretty much chewed our brains over designs, appliances accomodated, facilities and ease of use  and most importantly the budget!

the plan has kicked off and material etc is set to arrive. now i need to be sure about the colour scheme which shall play an important part. i went to the internet for some ideas but all i got was ikea kind of images which were nowhere close to an indian kitchens. some pics like these :




then to get some real ideas, i went to the home pages of brands like godrej, nuplus etc.  which provide modular kitchen services here. and i got these pics :


our designer guy has suggested using dark brown, pale cream and silver colours.

something isn’t just quite striking me right now.  still thinking……………


mall hopping at its best

yesterday, we shopped till we dropped… literally.

amongst a lot of provision and day to  day things,  a fridge, washing machine and food processor (thats a mixer cum grinder cum veggie cutter cum juicer cum dough kneader) found their way to the billing counter… the IFB washing machine looks like picked straight from a Spanish ikea furnished home, minimalistic, and a fun white n yellow colour.

probably it was the first time I had to make decision for such a hefty bill at one go… I whispered to anand,  are we buying too much ? lets think over it.. he said, its fine… we need all this, we revisited the facts and the decision…  and assuringly moved ahead.

Back home I was tired after 5 hours of shopping, and anand spelt  fatigue  all over as he played an inter company league cricket tournament that morning..

yet  it was a peaceful  night on a couple of mattresses sans any bed.

basics for a good home

our stint with interiors began last month when we moved into our new home.

after visiting a few stores and talking to a couple of interior designers about what can be done with the space,have picked up some thumb rules that are basics of interior designing

 1.     furniture with legs/not touching the ground directly makes the room look taller

2.     theme houses look thoughtful – antique / festive / ethnic / sporty

3.     material of furniture and accessories should be the same throughout, steel / wrought iron / wood

4.     light coloured furniture allows for more variety of colours in accessories.

5.     light coloured walls make rooms appear bright.

6.     prints or textured paints on wall make the accessories in that area stand out.

7.     these days, lot of people get ceilings made too… three to four levels of false ceilings like lobbys in hotels etc.

8.     donot buy things without necessity as the house gets cluttered unncecessarily.

visiting a few houses and taking first hand experience notes from people who have done them, is a useful idea.

finally a home reflects the ambience very akin to the kind of people that occupy it…