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skills to pay bills

finally i got a demat account !! and made my first investments,

some mutual funds and some equity …

theres no pleasure as much as a secured planning for taxes and further investments.

suddenly, all the websites like www.moneycontrol.com and www.personalfn.com

have started making more sense, their data is relevant, and their opinions interest me,before selecting, zee café on the remote control for tv, i select cnn ibn, have created a new category, here by the name of this post, and will put down my

perpectives as a layman in the markets, whenever i can.


pirates of the curried beans

theres this ngo organisation called ‘little theatre’, which was putting up a play, we being a part of the sponsors were invited. the play was going to be an all children play as the name suggests and was called ‘pirates of the curried beans’

the proceeds go into sponsoring education for underprivileged kids, and its an ongoing and successful effort for the last 35 years now … that’s quite some consistency. we reached the venue expecting whatever anyone can of a kids play. however we got the shock of our lives !! awesome sets, changing sets with light effects at that, elaborate costumes, kids with perfect diction and accents like pirates, and the professional choreography and well spun story made every minute of it interesting…


the play was about a ship and its crew of pirates out to find some treasure and how one thing leads to another… but it was a complete original story and nothing to do with the movie series on pirates..


there was a kid girl who played a jack sparrow replica, her body language, her swaying around, even when she was dancing, every minute of those 2 hrs she was perfect! there was another kid who played a calypso replica and another guy who played captain burbossa …

apart from around 5-6 main lead characters, there were lots of other kids who played spiders on a lonely island, crew members, ballet dancers etc etc…

it was work of complete professionals!!!

play was followed by a wrap up dinner hosted by the organisers, in the park, chennai. the place is good, especially their leather lounge… well the dinner was in a hall next to it.we made quite a few new friends, food was tasty and not heavy on the stomach.


its like one of the socialising evenings, where you get to see some genuinely good talent and meet quality people amongst affectionate hosts. 






ringtone competition

for long……..wearing hi tech mobile phones, was every software programmer’s passion…when some one says… hey that one looks like an expensive one! they immediately say,no not much…but it has this feature to record temperature and you can install windows on it and

it can laugh and cry for you while you sit and code… yeah 🙂 … all that…

with mobile phones came ringtones…and this was the creative part…in a typical cubicle scenario, early hours of morning, outlook reminders, task lists for eod,and a crazy ringtone rips apart the silence…..  some smile, some say hey whats that song…some just get up a li’ll and peep through partitions to see whose phone it is… and boy! you should see the smileon the owner!!! nothing can make him so proud…. but why should the others be left behind… in the afternoon it is someone else’s ringtonethat’s more noticeable and louder and more disturbing… and it’s a newer song… the movie hasn’t yet released !so this one scores more…

gradually this ringtone competition grows fierce, by the week, and usually on mondays, the office gets to hear latest and new numbers (ringtone numbers that is… let us give ringtones this status benifit)… ‘cos nobody’s ringtone… and for that matter phone can afford to lose the competition…theres a ringtone here…and suddenly a better ringtone there and so on and so forth…

someone’s phone around me rings like a bird chirping.. i think it’s the guy in the next cubicle, it sounds sweet by the way…but this week, someone else who sits far away on the floor, has got their phone ringing just like that, the bird chirps louder, its shrill, and keeps chirping for soo long, you wonder wether you can get up and call out to him to answer his phone soon…. now that’s like copying, and still trying to outdo…

i just walked in today morning and there was a loud… “waaji waaji waaji…sanjeevan sivaaaajiiiiiii”… for the uninformed, this is the title track of sivaji the boss, a rajnikant movie… yes the same god rajnikant….things like these are not exactly aesthetic in public places, here our office, but just amuses everyone for a moment, so people don’t mind it once in a while…


theres a phone (and its owner also!! 🙂 ) in my bay, that has the most melodius, enchanting, sweetest ringtone music with subtle effects i have ever heard, i just happened to complement the super silent, reluctant-to-talk colleague that it was a pleasure everytime your phone rang, and in our first ever conversation in the last six months after sitting next to each other he said, yeah, but only for a week, as i have put my papers down, i wont be around after that…

i was wondering wether he took the ringtone competition too seriously, and felt that he lost out to louder and fiercer noises, read ringtones…


mrs j.

there was always a very “kitty party” attitude between women, and since i never fit into the tribe myself, i can stand out as an observer.

hey! what did you do last evening ya?? a mrs j. drops by my cubicle with a steaming coffee mug and an animated smile… i say..hey there!! good morning.. wassup.. but she isn’t interested in the pleasantries, coming bang to the point, she reiterates…so what did you do yesterday evening… i happened to tell her that we (me and my husband – the two people turned into lifestyle yardsticks by kitty party women) went to this place to hangout, etc or saw this movie or did some creative stuff,  then she goes… oh!! my hubby can never think of such things…he is never interested in that… but i think anyways whatever you did..you could have done something better!!!..god knows why was that ???

just yesterday i was wearing a pretty salwar and there are lot of people who walked up to me and said you know, you look lovely today!! in the lunch pantry and during our meeting and some whom i never interacted with on my floor etc…

but the few mrs. j’s around, stared and stared from head to toe, asked me where did i get this from and said, but dear, your hairstyle doesn’t go with the dress and the pink footwear, is not the same pink shade as your salwar !! please can i suggest something… don’t wear that stole on your shirt… its very loud yaa (thanks but i never knew you were soo concerned about me! ) now that’s like, when you feel bad for not owning something or you know it wont suit you, its easy to dismiss it off in derogatory remarks to someone else!! but hello!!! i am listening and it is not exactly pleasant, fyi… so please that’s mrs j. for you… the kitty party woman, she is badly interested in what i do.. what i wear, where do i shop, where do i hangout, how do i spend time, because she goes back home and does e-x-a-c-t-l-y the same thing, wears same kinda clothes next monday, does the same kinda decoration in her home… and hence naturally she is dead curious about everything about me..


if you have read this upto here and if you are a girl, theres probability that you just said… i have been here  🙂


* there is no intended recipient. (except mrs Js)

* the writer of the post does not accept any liability for lack sense of humour in readers.

* if this disturbs you, please visit, www.how-to-take-it-with-a-pinch-of-salt.com

added later : a friend from mumbai just buzzed, she says she couldn’t help smiling after reading this, and just passed the link to a mrs j. in her life… i said oops! lemme know what happened… she hasnt replied so far…



come to think of it..

there are numerous lists everywhere

lists for to-do things, phone numbers list, shopping list,list of containing items in cartons/parcels,  list of events, list of reminders, list of appointments,

list of work deliverables, vendor list, ASAP lists,

list of food menu,  list for travel packing, lists for others, order lists, item lists, bill lists,

movie listings, song list, plans list, laundry list,

storage lists, inventory lists, book list, document list, gift list,

achievement list, success list, failure(or rather learning) list, 

enemies list  🙂 , friends’ list, ambition list,

but they all have something in common. 

one item is always at the top. the remaining items follow. 

go green

morgan stanley has made something awesome and alarming ! http://www.morganstanley.com/about/community/littlegreenebook/ 

you MUST go through this…

hollywood : thankyou for smoking


to making a living, and a high living out of talking right everytime, is interesting, however not an easy talent to have.this movie is about it.

aaron eckhart, the main lead is a guy who is an official spokesman for a company manufacturing cigarettes, eats cigarettes, sleeps cigarettes, lives cigarettes.

his job consists of making public appearances, attending oprah winfrey kinda programs etc and just convince people to take to smoking.he implements/suggests different ideas to the board like promoting smoking in hollowood, getting teens to smoke etc to improve sales..

though more than three fourths of the population around him, hates him for that, they accuse him openly on various media, he has smart ways of getting out of arguments, proving the other person wrong and that what makes him successful… he just too smooth a talker..he has a lot of fundas up his sleeve, how to outsmart people, how to prove smartness or rather genuinity of his product – cigarettes everywhere..

of course all this also comes with a baggage of vulnerability.there are tricky situations and difficult people, and he is on the verge of getting fired off work..

in flurry of events, he realizes one moment that one day his son would grow up and ask him permission to smoke..

that’s when he wakes up and wonders, its not cigarattes that’s earning him all the money and fame, but his gift of gab… so he turns consultant to people, to help them in their business.. honestly, i will keep seeing the movie erpeatedly, as i would love that kinda job, i think i relate to this guy, theres an art of being politically correct, being likable, and opening and shutting your mouth at the right times which always came to me naturally… and i am already playing consultant to lot of friends/colleagues/family..

rating : can definitely own a collector’s copy (movie has released way back in 2005)  overall humourous and  genuine sense of humour, makes it interesting…