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mummy ji

we have a window sill 3 feet wide. just after we moved in had kept 3-4 cartons in a row on the sill.

one day when i came back, there was something new, rather it was ‘someone’. a fat pigeon had made a careful home on the soft bubble wrap sheet that spread on the sill. the carton protected her from the wind, and may be the crows. ther were few straws and feathers  arranged in a circle on which she sat all the time. there was another pigeon who came to give her food sometimes. on day we saw an egg beneath her as she had shifted and would take a break to go out herself. then on a weekend, it was two eggs.. anand suggested putting some groundnuts near her, but she was very careful to not let us come closer, and made a do-no-disturb-me kind of flutter.

couple of days ago, we saw yellow feathery stuff beneath her… then a tiny – you have to see it to understand what tiny is – a tiny beak… coming out from under her to look at me… a glance and it was back in… by evening they were out, cute but dirty yellow things that looked nothing like a pigeon.

till today morning, gradually those feathers were giving away to grey colour and i could see tiny wings, but they are too weak to fly yet..


a wednesday

what the terrorists can do to us, even we can do to them, why always go the conservative and non effective ways ? it’s the common man who speaks up.

a concept that the frustrated common man wants to see, very good directon, fast moving and interesting all along.

naseeruddin shah is the right pick and has done justice like he does most of the times.jimmy shergill looks hot n smart in the new serious look.

my rating ***

theres something we all have to stand up against, we need to learn from the movie..

rock on rocks on!

very south bombay – the attitudes, the irani food joints, the people, the situations.

good story, somewhat on the lines of dil chahta hai…

unfinished music-  sets ur musical juices flowing, u want to hum, u want to jam in..

very non filmy  – characters are very matured and deeper than dialogues and complete. there are subtle shades of gestures, mannerisms  easily going within the past and present flashes along with the music which is the central theme..

very well directed by abhishek kapoor.farhan akhtar has proved that he is more than just a typical bollywood director. arjun rampal looks great in the rock theme.


my rating **** ½ rock on…

welcome to sajjanpur

all shyam benegal movies come with their messages and this one did too.

a small village with illiterate residents come to the protagonist (shreyas talpade) to get their letters written and  replies read. Their problems vary  in the background of unbalanced, partial socio political situations and a divide which exists between urban and rural india. Shreyas talpade gets a peek into each one’s lives and tries to solve their problems going a step ahead of just a letter writer.

The first half is slow, but in the second half all the parallel sub plots pick up links to each other and it takes shape.

and yeah the message ? … an eye opener for everyone, india is not all that shining. Facilities in all aspects, transport and communication, education ,employment opportunities et al need to be improved in rural india where people don’t complain much,they find their ways around it or keep quiet.

mall hopping at its best

yesterday, we shopped till we dropped… literally.

amongst a lot of provision and day to  day things,  a fridge, washing machine and food processor (thats a mixer cum grinder cum veggie cutter cum juicer cum dough kneader) found their way to the billing counter… the IFB washing machine looks like picked straight from a Spanish ikea furnished home, minimalistic, and a fun white n yellow colour.

probably it was the first time I had to make decision for such a hefty bill at one go… I whispered to anand,  are we buying too much ? lets think over it.. he said, its fine… we need all this, we revisited the facts and the decision…  and assuringly moved ahead.

Back home I was tired after 5 hours of shopping, and anand spelt  fatigue  all over as he played an inter company league cricket tournament that morning..

yet  it was a peaceful  night on a couple of mattresses sans any bed.

basics for a good home

our stint with interiors began last month when we moved into our new home.

after visiting a few stores and talking to a couple of interior designers about what can be done with the space,have picked up some thumb rules that are basics of interior designing

 1.     furniture with legs/not touching the ground directly makes the room look taller

2.     theme houses look thoughtful – antique / festive / ethnic / sporty

3.     material of furniture and accessories should be the same throughout, steel / wrought iron / wood

4.     light coloured furniture allows for more variety of colours in accessories.

5.     light coloured walls make rooms appear bright.

6.     prints or textured paints on wall make the accessories in that area stand out.

7.     these days, lot of people get ceilings made too… three to four levels of false ceilings like lobbys in hotels etc.

8.     donot buy things without necessity as the house gets cluttered unncecessarily.

visiting a few houses and taking first hand experience notes from people who have done them, is a useful idea.

finally a home reflects the ambience very akin to the kind of people that occupy it…

















welcome home

new feeling on being first day home. new beginning,  new feeling of ownership, the absence of  an attitude – let it be.. anyways we have to move out of here one day, the creative juices flowing and fast, the petty fights over which side sofa should be, interior magazines, furniture designs, quotations (now tht just comes with the rest!) , smell of new paint, cartons and more cartons, the first of everything, cleaning drive cum holi festival at home,  peaceful morning chai and a smile at each other that says – finally!

do visit our home!