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well, the title “love sex aur dhoka” may ring bells with the hollywood movie”sex lies and videotape”… but i’m not sure if there is more to it than that.

it is, however, similar to guy ritchie’s “lock stock and two smoking barrels”… in the way how three different stories and their characters are loosely intertwined within each other and run through pretty much parallely…

produced by (surprisingly) ekta kapoor and her balaji telefilms, directed by dibakar banerji, it is built on the backdrop of crowded streets and dingy hotel rooms in delhi, the jat culture and its cacophony.

there is a story about love that ends in honor killings by the girl’s family. a story about voyeurism-intimacy being shot on video without the girl’s knowledge, sold for money and masculine pride. a story about what struggling actresses can face in vanity vans and how they can use it to their advantage. entire movie is shot on  digital camera and the concept of tehelka (layman’s word for sting operaton) is used time and again.

people come out walking with a disturbing overdose and shocking revelations of some real issues that prevail in and around delhi, haryana, chandigarh and lucknow.

rating : thoughtful movie but with a multiplex shelf life.

PS : there is quite some material on internet on how we can help save
honor killings and injustice against women with some websites seeking public support for their PIL – public niterest litigations too.
will put a couple of more links here.


karthik calling karthik

karthik callin karthik…

cuh-maun farhan how could you do this after dil chahta hai and rock on..
you have disappointed an entire cult following of yours..

a mediocre story line based straight out of a ‘self help – build your confidence’ types book… well educated talented and hardworking young man is bullied by everyone due to his submissive behaviour as he grapples with some nightmarish childhood memories.
then he gets a call from himself. calls follow, for hours everyday. he helps himself out of his problems one by one by building on things like – learn to say no, show people you are useful to them, and the kind. suddenly his detractors are scared of him, his is the apple of his boss’s eye and the hottie in office – read deepika padukone – starts dating him, landlord stops holding him for a ransom every morning etcetera.

Karthik Calling Karthik poster

“uff teri ada, i love the way you groove” is a good song and deepika and farhan have some chemistry, good pair..

all of the above is wound up in the first 45 minutes of the movie. however now, he has to confess to his girlfriend about his phone friend, gets an ultimatum to get psychologically treated instead and tries to cope up with it for the sake of the girl.. here is where you really lose interest, the direction is plain jane with most of the dialogues having no background music – a la farhan akhtar. the story gets really slow and you aren’t sure wether there is a climax at all.

my rating : a wrong attempt to adapt the hollywood brad pitt starrer fight club.


Rann, Amitabh Bachchan,Ritesh Deshmukh,Paresh Rawal,Mohnish Behl,Suchitra Krishnamurthy,Rajat Kapoor,Gul Panag,Neetu Chandra,Rajpal Yadav,Sudeep,Rahul Pendkalkar,Neena Kulkarni,Simone Singh,Iklaq Khan,K K Raina

Amitabh Bachhan owns and runs a news channel with authentic news pledging to all media ethics. However due to this, his channel is not a hit with the TRPs, though it has a respectable image. One of his ex employees has left him to start another channel B which is a big hit owing to the true and false masala it offers to viewers as well as some betrayers working with A. Amitabh’s son who has returned from the US after an affluent education wants to revamp A’s revenues and market share. There is an industrialist and a politician in this hullabaloo too who have their own vested interests.

Now a false sting operation video and exchange of interests in the background makes for a fast and furious story line, just like ram gopal verma’s sarkar and sarkar raj(i am praising only the story part strictly 🙂 ). it is ritesh deshmukh, an employee with A who unravels the dark side of politics, bureucracy and media. performances are good, bad and mediocre, amitabh bachhan with good role in some time.

maybe madhur bhandarkar is thinking…. hey how did i miss out on the media thingie?? hmmmmmm this rgv guy has gone places from underworld to politics to media … i shall have to be quicker to put the remaining professions in my kitty..

my rating : * * * one time watch.

PS : on the 3rd, read about unfortunate death of Mr Pravin Mahajan, imprisoned uncle of Rahul Mahajan who is getting married today on the 6th in his reality show… the show sure gets a lot of TRPs owing to the timing of these events.. i couldnt help wondering whats going on here…

business india businessman of the year award 2009 goes toooooooo aditya puri

we were invited to the above awards function organized by business india, a leading monthly, at royal western turf club, mahalakshmi race course.

i joined anand in his office in bkc and we took the bandra worli sea link to reach the venue. the cool breeze and the lights on this latest sealine of mumbai already felt like it was going to be a pleasant evening. and it was.

as we entered all the guests had a red carpet welcome with the magazine hosts lined up on both sides of the red carpet till the cocktail arena. lightly fragrant white and peach flowers, tinkling of wine glasses, welcome hugs and hushed conversations amongst the who’s who of the finance and banking industry, pretty much summed up this hour.

then there was an announcement that the chief guest for the event – dr shashi tharoor – our minister of state for external affairs, had arrived and people started taking their seats.

early birds

there were honest and interesting addresses by mr oberoi – last year’s businessman of the year, pheroza bilimoria – managing director business india and most important – aditya puri, the award winner and CEO of HDFC bank, who was announced in the previous edition of the magazine itself. they showed a small movie clip about what his friends and family had to say about him. the ceo of state bank of india had something nice to say about him “there is so much work to be done on the indian banking scene that there is no time and space for any destructive competition. aditya thinks like me and hence i like him.” 🙂

u can see more the event here.

shashi tharoor as usual enthralled the guests with his witty sense of humour. he opened his speech saying “foreign affairs ministry in india was previously like two elephants making love. it was at a very high level, it made a lot of noise and it took two years to see any result”. but he also assured that things were changing fast and indian politics was getting more modern.

dinner was good continental fare. desserts were nice.

it was time to go back home and we remembered two longingly waiting eyes of our baby as we drove back.