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the transfer letter


yes i am moving to mumbai. actually back to mumbai. this is a detail i forget often.

its been more than a year in chennai now.  the small n sleepy town has been a part of our life in its own ways. have picked up some slang, seri. daily and weekly chores have found ways in multiple food worlds, nilgiris, pazhamudir nilayam in mylapore.  after office khader nawaz khan road window shopping is a mode of entertainment.

i walk back home on the jewel studded cathedral road (bapalal diamonds, prince jewelry, moksha, surang et al.)…and then into poes garden. walk down the binny lane. amongst the quiet yet powerful houses within all the greenery,  somewhat noisy chai stall appears closer with lungi clad ‘anna-s’ (auto drivers, domestic helps from the houses around) and the tiny ‘annamalai departmental stores’ . they are our homely uncle aunty who understand marathi as they had spent close to 20 years in mumbai.  their shop is a respite in the area, as it is rightly a provision store for all everyone’s needs.

appurama, right panni… a couple of houses on either side, amma’s security post, and here – left panni. theres our  guest house, with a red iron gate and familiar welcome barking of kasturi from the distance..

generally work permits me to be here around 6.30 pm with an entire evening at my disposal. being a virgo wife, tidying the house comes first, readying dinner, reading etc and in no time anand is honking in the regular pattern  at the gate … that gets kasturi jumping  out of control.

yes my life is really chilled out.. with pros and cons of course. my opinions of chennai are due to whatever I have seen and wherever I have been to .

well, now a new mumbai chapter is about to begin. from next week.  someone said,  u know mumbai office is huge!  when you stand up on the floor you cannot possibly see the other end. theres largescale landscaping everywhere, the pantry is like a foodmall with different counters open all the time, a mall is closeby, travelling to and from your house will be like b’lore – lots (b’lore is more known to many chennaiites) .. you will have to adjust to all this… and instead of laughing it off, the thought  is actually lingering in my mind, will i get used to mumbai .. soon ?

ramya a team mate, the other day walked in and handed me 2 huge dairy milk bars.. ‘remember me da’ , i was touched! this simple girl, a team mate who was herself going through a lot, had the thing to bring in a momento..

my lunch group mahila mandal, a group of 7-8 in their mid thirties maybe, with kid stories n all… u can imagine the noise n the confusion when all get together! we went to palimar and had a three course lunch, and then the pan that everyone likes..

durga, the other day gifted me a pair of estelle earrings.. they are cute!! and so is she.. never knew i meant something to her.. i have made up my mind to fly down for her wedding in november…

small pleasures of life, tug at me affectionately.



one more ram gopal verma. the film poster reads thus  : satya – inside view of the underworld. company – overview of the underworld. contract – underworld meets terrorism.

post aag – the sholay remake, rgv recovered some lost respect by making sarkar raj, n killing abhishek bachhan in it 🙂  but he went back to his silly ways with ‘contract’. its about a military commando who resigns his job as he thinks family is more important than life. then in a temple blast , his wife n kid face unfortunate death. he then acts as an undercover cop in a mafia gang… rises up in rank and trust, kills many dons, goons, cops, politicians in the process and finally gets to meet a high profile terrorist whom the country is after since long… he manages to kill the terrorist too… as his mentor is murdered somewhere in between, no one knows his real identity now (story upto here like leo di caprio’s departed). but the last twist is, he prefers his new life and wants to continue killing terror in all forms.

cast and crew is dominantly south indian – andhra actors especially, and they are trying to talk in marathi. the movie has a lot of flaws like the cop talking from don’s house in dubai to his mentor police inspector but still no one knowing.. terrorist suspecting him as a cop but he talking out a high profile terrorist out of suspicion!!

all in all silly movie, ram gopal verma kinda psycho cinematography from all sort of angles, shots from behind coffee mugs, from under the table where you can see only people’s legs n shoes on screen etc…

my rating : sorry.

my warning : BEWARE.




The Dark Knight

saturday night, the usual favourite 10pm show at sathyam. shuchita n vishal, and this time vinay too had come. after the popular prince jewelry add (we all can repeat it now with them though we don’t understand and we whistle n clap too, it’s the pre movie norm at sathyam for our gang) movie finally started. 

for the uninformed, batman is a comic series character, created way back in 1940s, who saves people, averts crisis and has punished various goons. batman’s secret identity is bruce wayne, a wealthy industrialist and philanthropist. due to the murder of his parents in childhood, he has promised himself to punish all evil intentioned.

this time the villian was ‘the joker’ … good makeup, his lips apparently are torn up in a smiley shape all over his face .. convincing cruelty  🙂  funny dialogues…

this one was a complete entertainer.  lots and lots of smart gizmo action,  good looking bruce wayne 😉  befitting situational storyline…cinematography requires special mention ..  batman flying high up over the  skyline of gotham city is nice to watch.. a couple of high violence scenes making it appear more violent than it actually is..

it’s the type where popularity is also a li’ll leveraged in the right proportion –   joker torturing someone and suddenly a husky voice from behind completing his dialogue – “i’ll tell you how..” and lot of claps n whistles when camera turns to batman.. 

after the interval the boys ganged up and were doing some work related ‘khusar pusar’ (slang for whispering).. shuchita was very engrossed sitting next to me, n i was tired and must admit i might have closed my eyes for a couple of minutes max (partial disclaimer in the rating) . hence providing some other rating too..

my rating : *****

overall rating of our gang : ****1/2

times of india critic rating : **** ½

mtv  public poll rating : **** ½






saturday matinee

last saturday was a movie holiday.

the only happening theatre in ‘downtown’ chennai 🙂 satyam’s – website wasnt working for a week n when we dropped by on friday night, all we could manage to get was ‘hancock’ … so sunday morning saw hancock. its about an ordinary disliked guy hancock (will smith),  with supernatural powers gone the wrong way. then a PR consultant whose life he saves, sees a friend in him and grroms him to be the modern superman who helps cops, performs useful stunts etc and is suddenly and idol of the country. hancock learns that the PR consultant’s wife, who dislikes him always, is extra ordinary oo like hancock but kept the fact a secret. some masala and some more masala.

all in all doesnt bore you, decent movie.

in the last hour of hancock, shuchita called asking if we could join them for jaane tu ya jaane na at 3 pm in the evening, as she had a way to get tickets, and we went to this theatre called ‘melody’ that reminded me of ‘mehul’, ‘deep mandir’ back when i was schooling.. smaller theatres that attracted audiences before the multiplexes..

saw aamir khan’s ‘jaane tu ya jaane na’. it was a differently creative movie. not the typical kind generally made to launch newcomers.

theres a group of college friends. bubbly n all. story revolves around them. all the characters in the movie are well etched out. especially the genelia’s brother. makes things look more real and less boring 🙂

imraan khan the male lead, is really good.  he knows what he wants, and the chilled out non-macho image is a welcome change. genelia adds some effervescence to the whole story.

you might end up feeling you are getting old 😉 due to the large amount of teenagers who flock the theatre for this one!

saw angelina jolie’s wanted. pls dont watch it. fullstop.

weekend in namma bangalore..enjoi maadi

we travelled to bangalore on friday night, with sridhar and ranjini, in bangalore express. reached cantonement by 4.30am n  then bengaluru by 5am.

weather was cooler than cool! we hired pre paid cab n reached university campus if iim-b where we were put up. the temperature inside the campus was easily 3-4 degrees lower than city (which was also cold by the way) due to crazy amount of greenery, well maintained landscaping in every nook and corner and stone structures all over..

entire bangalore is characterized by lots of greenery, cleanliness and an underlying aesthetic sense to every house, every shop, every girl walking down the street who is innovatively dressed.. the climate was rainy n cloudy n it spiced up our holiday feeling..

however theres really a lot of orderly non-honking traffic, on these quiet  green roads, and it takes long time to reach from one place to the other…  this phenomena is more bogging down than in mumbai… which was one surprising thing for me.

we met smita and naveen on mg road and hung out in the area, had chat amongst lot of chit chat n laughter, n later went to one of the many malls on brigade road.. smita has been a very good and old friend and anand and naveen met for the first time. but we all struck off surprisingly well and had fun.. there are some people who connect, and not bring other material things in between, and i think we all had connected with honesty. it was a nice evening.

sunday we went to banerghatta national park, as it was close to where we were put up. its grand safari is worth seeing, there is good variety like white tiger, lions, bears etc. the zoo is also worth a watch. we have shot peahens spreading the entire beautiful bunch of colourful feathers on the rainy day n a baby elephant playing mischief with his flock 🙂

sunday night, a university car dropped us back to bengaluru station, and we had a night train back home again.

it was a crisp n memorable weekend.

take aways:

1. i knew about one new city

2. we thought we should do something to stay in a better city.

3. smita got inspiration to start a walk in the evenings, after she learnt our  morning schedule 🙂



anand and his iim campus

yeah, just like the very predictable post title, we were in bangalore this weekend. 

anand, is an alumnus of indian institute of management (IIM) bangalore, a business school which is ranked amongst the top 100 in the world. in india its ranked second. they had invited him over to speak to the new batch of students who just came in a week ago after thoroughly competitive rounds of selection process – speak about his life at the campus, what approach to have, what to focus on, how to get good grades / exchange programs, what kind of work was he doing right now etc etc… later they presented him with a sandalwood sovenier for gracing the occasion..

i have no words to express how proud i was to be there in the front row and watch him speak,  students gathering around him later to ask questions and asking for his visiting cards.. i mean, he is one person who never ever discusses many self praising things, i never knew many things about his insititute, campus, alumni  in the last couple of years… it was only now when i visited that i got to see him this way, got to meet some really genuine students/ alumni/academia and got an opprtunity to feel the essense inside the campus ecosystem… and why everything about it is so special to the rest of the world.

they really treated us warmly… we were put up in the campus guest house of very good quality, had a car to pick n drop us, n were asked to provide our travel tickets to be re imbursed, it seems it was the norm when someone came over as a guest speaker… but anand told them, wherever i am and whatever i do is because of the institute, i am not crazy to get things re imbursed!

for him it was exhilarating to be on the other side of the story, and not be the representative of some committee to coordinate on walky talky for the guest coming and staying over 🙂  we spent long time taking walk in the campus, which has a complicated structure, stairs from somewhere lead somewhere else,  we go round library building n something unexpected comes up which you think you had left behind.. etc. but all in all it’s a magnificent enough to make minds staying within think bigger and forget the smaller… had a good time seeing his favourite (and dreaded) places, as he relived through his memories again…

i am really happy to have a hubby like him, not only qualification-wise but in terms of genuinity and the cream of society he fits into.. it only encourages me to do better on my career and education front..

i have one thought to share. i have met quite a few people from good b-schools, institutes. but some of them are really very genuine people who let their personality and work speak for them. they re humble and respect  everything else too..  there is a certain quality to their attitude and body language which has that subtle edge above the rest.

however there are some who might have got into these institutes with lot of hard work and intelligence but display sheer ordinaire. they forget that the journey has just begun once you are in the outside world, its not over once the course is over. by letting out, self praising facts in every other conversation or trying to show off  humility, only highlights mediocrity..

be good, life will always offer the beautiful.