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explaining what raj thackeray means to a marathi maanus..

he is a fanatic, for his region, people, language. alrite.

now there are fanatics everywhere, some are vocal, more diplomatic ones aren’t. in a city where i live in, chennai, you have to understand tamil, no matter what to survive… they refuse to incorporate hindi – which is our neutral national language..in gujarat, do you think there are any prosperous other language / region people ? in delhi, or say punjab – unless you are fair skinned or you can talk about big things n bigger contacts n multiply your facts by 5 while talking to anyone, an honest person cannot survive and is walked over… our widely praised ‘cosmopolitan bangalore’ is not any different too ( http://www.ibnlive.com/news/antioutsider-voices-gain-pitch-in-bangalore-too/59005-3.html ) some other minorities like muslims and christians taking advantage of prevalent misery n poverty in this religiously liberal country, convert people to their religions, resort to extremism etc. 

coming back to maharashtra n for that matter mumbai, the inherent local who has earned the title ‘marathi maanus’ is an adjusting, accommodative, open to all, non enterprising, middle class business executive/doctor etc etc whos voice easily gets lost in this display of strength.  

mumbai has always been n will always be a welcoming city for all, which is a pot pouri of cultures n opportunities. however, these ‘quiet fanatics’ take disadvantage of exactly the same fact…start forming their pockets with unwritten understood rules… a gujarati real estate broker shall mention a price of 6700 rs per square feet to a marathi investor but 6300 rs per square feet to another gujarati in mumbai, to encourage his tribe. a gsb (an essentially konkani community), a nayar samaj from the south, or a jain samaj have their own public places(lodging dormetories, wedding halls ) to rent at surprisingly low prices for their own people… trusts that help community families, students education, n all this not in their geographical states, but in mumbai! 

so when a raj thackeray (or even the entire shiv sena ) ideology stands up as a powerful voice of a marathi in his own land, i really don’t think it is ‘illogical’ or ‘absurd’ – as discussed by these non-marathis now, forgetting what they themselves are doing.. somewhere everyone does it for their own communities, states, languages unsaid n unwritten but understood by all. so please don’t come up with hypocritic discussions like – in a democratic country how can we say which state belongs to whom ??? oh excuse me… there are reservations all around you, there is protection for minorities, two people want to come to mumbai  and speak in their own language with each other, sideline others, still find their kinda cuisine, temples in an ever accommodative city… and now that someone is standing as a voice to protect the marathis who will slowly become a minority at this rate,  just cos its not favourable to you, you are now talking about sovereignty n democracy ?? 

marathi maanus is much more matured n understanding however. though the educated class will feel that mr thackeray is not handling things the right way, somewhere each one will silently identify their voice in his voice…

i am just saying that with due respect n no offence intented to a lot of lovely non maharashtrian people i know, we need to understand that just like every society has all kinds of elements, blue collared, representative, violent, enterprising etc., maharashtrian society has its own share too… and just like we live with them, we have to live with the newfound ‘marathi baana’ too… until we really do away will ‘ALL’ barriers n injustice…



  Krishnaparag Kamat wrote @


your view point is very much valid and well described so congrats on that .. I am totally with you on this, however, the only question I have here is that, what about those ppl who have left their so called “native” places since last cpl of generations and have been in mumbai for more than 5 decades … dont they have the equal right? .. well thts just my thought … and let me know of such GSB colonies where you can get a house at a lower rent if any 😉



  anand wrote @

Really great way to point out the voice and the covert injustice towards Maharastrians. Your thoughts reflect my thoughts to perfection. 🙂
GReat stuff…

Jai Maharastra.

  dhanashree wrote @


you fall in the category of some ‘lovely non maratha people i know’ 🙂 , so really no offense intended at all.

to look for lower rent, or gsb colony pls log onto – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/G-S-B/?tab=s 🙂

and also theres NKBSB (north kanara gaud saraswat ‘co-op’ bank) that will give you lower interest rates. 🙂

people who are staying here since generations, have equal rights completely. they have as much contributed to the economy.
but the point of this post is, if theres someone whos standing up and talking like mr. thackeray, dont call it unjust, someone in every region/language/community is doing it, and all of them together are unjust then.

such voices are part of every society along with moderate ones.

  marathi bana wrote @

Dhanu: I’m glad that you have interpreted it in the most possible correct way. Congrats.

Parag: My sister got married to a family which was settled in Germany for 6 generations. Still they cannot claim equal share. Germans hate Indian immigrants. Japanese hate Chinese immigrants. Americans hate Indian immigrants. Australians hate New Zealand’s immigrants. Similarly Bengalis hate South Indians. Kannadigas hate Tamilians. UP-Biharis hate MP-Rajasthanis. Gujarathis hate Hindis.

This is a human tendency. We have to accept it as it is.

  Sameer wrote @

Ofcourse it is a human tendency …but the tendency which come form Nature is acceptable …not from the human made things !!!

We can change it …if and only if we wish to ..!!
only A man can not change the whole society …it needs people to develop that positive tendency !!

It is a burning issue ..therefore it it being talked everywhere !! We the People need to take it as a challenge to develop that in a right manner!!

  Mungi wrote @

Favoring a community is one thing, beating & terrorizing is another. The path that Raj is treading is very very bad, can’t he raise valid points with mayawatis & lalus that they are the ones responsible for the plight of mumbai by not creating enough opportunities in their states? & with the central government , which cares little for the city.(would such a thing happen to new york ? it gets as much attention as it brings in the money).The whole case with Mumbai is that we want it to be like the rest of Maharashtra of which it never would have been a part until the samyukta maharashtra movment. If we want to protest the bias in , say railway recruitment , we can raise it directly with the facts of the case. You say correctly that we are a more tolerant & mature society with respect to other states and Marathi culture has no need to be defended by shedding this tolerance. There is opposition to immigration here in US as well, but people don’t go torching there own buses over it , Raj only knows that language.

  Mungi wrote @

Anyway lets not get sucked into the politics, read this to cool your head off !

  Ravi Raves wrote @

Good post…interestting thot.But my dear friend, I can barely agree with your thoughts regarding Raj Thackeray & his ideologies.I am a non-marathi,lovely or not i don’t care 😛 . But let me tell you BOMBAY for me is not part of Maharashtra. It has been defined by people from all walks of life, from all sorts of people ,from all sorts of places.The Gujjus, the Marvaris, the Madrasis(typecasted again for all southies), the Punjus, the bhaiyas and the Bengalis make it the pot-pourri that it is.No one can dictate terms to what one should do and do not. Life in Mumbai is not easy for anyone and I dare say tougher for the so-called outsider. Here everyone fights for survival and so if someone feels he has lost out then probably he hasn’t been working harder.Simple. So when someone says Marathi manuus is becoming a minority in the workplace, isn’t it their fault that they haven’t been working hard enough.
I don’t hate the Marathi manoos but I do hate the “protectors of Marathi Manoos” for this is just a game of political mileage for them.I hated them when they changed the name from Bombay to Mumbai, when they changed the VT to CST.Next they would change my name to Sant Tulsidas.
Lastly, let me tell you, I am a simple person born-n-brought up in Mumbai.I am a Non-Maharashtrian and not a lovely one at that. But if tomorrow, some son of the soil were to drive me out of MY BOMBAY, I would have no place to go.

  Mungi wrote @

Ravi, I have seen the speech from Raj & he never mentions that he is opposed to the different communities that have been a part of Mumbai & blended in, but only to the recent large influx of migrant laborers & Bangladeshis which actually is not only an infrastructure issue, but a cultural flash point as well. He Is wrong to equate chhatt puja with showing muscle power and using violence, but some of his concerns are valid & point to the inequality of opportunities that exist in different states. For all practical purposes, Mumbai is a part of the Maharshtra state now so the name changes are unavoidable & no different from kolkata, bengaluru & chennai.

  Sicilian wrote @

You must read what Raj has replied to Indian Express

  anu wrote @

Arre babano February 2009 madhye rajyatalya nivadnuka hou det mag bagha raj kar karato. nivadnukanche divas aahet, puttha halvalya shivay koshe petat naahit. Garam nikharavarati kanasa bhajun ghene sope padte.

Oogich “raj”karani lokanchya naadi lagu naka. prem ki ganga badhate chalo.

  pradyut wrote @

im not very educated about the thackeray;s but i just feel that there must be something about them that pulls such a large population towards them .there must be something about them they must be doing something or probably their ideology would be the same with the supporters please mail me about them im trying to gather knowledge so that i could side for somebody

  Abhi wrote @

Hello, Im supposedly educated Marathi manoos, and belong to higher middle class.
Im not surprised to see the resentment among marathi speaking people , even at remote locales . Marathi seems to be loosing out to Hindi (And forget Mumbai and Raj) even in many other cities in the state. People shout about mumbai being bombay and cosmopolitan, and yes built by Britishers, but nobody wants to understand that , it is the capital of Maharashtra, and local population in Maharashtra is bound to be sentimental on the issue (By the way , I dont hear too much of Hindi either in Chennai,Cochin, Kolkota,& even in Ahmedabad). Recently one of our staffers was in Saurashtra , and the local person demanded that if he was staying in Gujarat , he should learn Gujarati.

  tejas wrote @

I think maharastran people shuld get justice,
jab educated log raste pe aate hai to usme kuch to baat hoti hai

  sagar wrote @

तोंड वाजवून न्याय मिळत नसेल तर तोंडात वाजवून न्याय मिळावा पण न्याय हा ज़ालाच पाहिजे –

  mohit wrote @

i wpuld like to reply to mr ravi that so wat if they changed bombay to mumbai..then u should also hate changing of madrass to chennai and calcatta to kolkotta..and for ure kind info.. dodn’t dare say marathi manus is not har working.. and mumbai is and will always remain part of maharashtra jai hind jai maharashtra

  mohit wrote @

for ure kind info reavi marathi manus is very hard working.. and if u hate name changing of bombay to mumbai then ask wb govt y they changed calcatta to kolkotta..and mumbai is and vill always remain part of maharashtra

  sanchita wrote @

@Mungi – very well pointed out point that the CM’s of UP, Bihar etc are not creating enough opportunities in their states. That is the root cause, fix that and all the influx will reduce. I understand the emotion of a Maharashtrian and I agree there should be reservations. Its there everywhere so why not here too. The issue is the way Raj is handling things or expressing his feelings by beating up people. OOPS sorry his people are beating up. Cmon was there so much hatred in this city before! Now a Maharashtrian (not true for all maybe few) when he realizes that a person is from UP he makes an impression and most probably a negative one. There is animosity in the air. Cmon people Mumbaiites can do better than this. We have to fight the root cause. Please dont get carried away and seek to violence. Peace!

  Devang wrote @

I am not a Marathi but definitely a Maharashtrian and a Mumbaite since my eyes opened forthe first time in this part of India and this is the area with which I associate myself. I am a Gujarati and I understand, read, write and apeak Marathi pretty fluently.
Recently read the plot of Me Shivaji Raje Bhonsale Boltoye and truly believe that the Maharashtrians who are being carried away by the inflamable speeches of Mr. Raj have a bigger picture to learn from… Its now a cliche to say that Politicians belong to no class or religion. Ask our Hon CM , Ex CM leader of the opposition and the self proclaimed torch bearer of the Mumbaikars “Which School do their children study in” All of them send their wards to Bombay Scottish or alike which are by now way Marathi medium. Neither do these have Marathi even as a subject.
No one discusses these issues as all of them are in the same boat…

Dear marathis/mumbaikars, please do not get carried away by this bugabo..its all vote bank politics..no one is going to do anything for you, but you yourself…
If Gujaratis , Marwadis, Upaites have their social networks or association to help their communities, no one stops marathis from not having similar arangements for themselves….Divert your energies for positive work..and not help these politicians succeed in their mean objectives by letting our sensibiliteis dominated by such divided thinking.

  mansih wrote @

i hate marathis…and alwayz will…idiots

  Dhanashree sant | Silviseuropean wrote @

[…] explaining what raj thackeray means to a marathi … – dhanashree's […]

  hardik wrote @

best one boss…

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