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new teacups

its early morning. the cook has just left. as i wash some assorted veggies, my eyes glance at the time and then tea cups on the shelf. i leave the veggies in the cooker for the kid’s soup and start clearing the mess in front of me with practice and without thought. the cups are wearing out and i need to pull out new ones. water heats in the teapot and i add some sliced ginger for the cold weather. the husband is almost ready and stacking away untidily the bunch of boxes that i just packed. theres a box having new cups, maybe i should start using them now.

suddenly i feel its a busy weekday evening on mount road, chennai and we both have just met after work. we walk into popatlal and sons – the huge and old fashioned crockery shop. he is thinking about work, i am dreaming about crockery. i want the funky, he said it wasnt classy. finally we buy these cups.

oh the tea is boiling already. i shall filter it into the usual cups only. the new cups are already full – of memories.



  jottingsnmusings wrote @


  Raves wrote @

Nice one!
Happy New year!!

  lavish wrote @

That last line sure is classy

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