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the sun and the smile

he was a genuine person, had a very honest sense of humour.

a combination that’s makes for an indispensible friend in the work team.

she was vivacious, full of life, more eventful and creative than most,

and always had some interesting conversation to come up with..

she lived up to her name by smiling often.

he worked in my project and that’s how i knew them both.


life moves on, and so we all did.. we drifted away…

unfortunately we aren’t in touch regularly..but i still admire their company and tell people that i loved to be with some friends like these whenever anything related comes up..


they have a li’ll sunflower now.. and i am sure they must have just fit in perfectly

in their new role in givin her the best parents can ever give..


there are some people you always feel nice about, when you remember,

and for that you really remember them…


gifted apologies

if you are a gifted person, you shall get gifts – chinese proverb

(when people want to make something impactful, they call it a chinese proverb)


last diwali, we shopped on this website called indiaplaza and had sent gifts to family. anand’s sister whom we call tai, did not get all the things delivered. when we found out, we complained.


website guys then sent tai her correction and sent us a gift certificate of 750 bucks… as a apology compensation.


we shopped it out and the new items were all delivered. however a couple of days later, they sent us another apology –for these items being not delivered! and whats more we got an additional gift certificate of 430 bucks as an apology compensation for the earlier gc.


that’s why they say – bugs in software are sudden surprises! n this was a pleasant one 🙂


added 3 weeks later – last time when we shopped, had filled out a customer satisfaction survey form.

yesterday the sent us a gc for 100 bucks, for the same reason.


thankyou for what you just felt like saying.




aamir – the movie

saw aamir on sunday.

noiseless-publicity-but-surprisingly-takes-away-the-standing-ovation types..

rajiv khandelwal shows the maturity to shoulder something serious.. director rajkumar gupta does a good job for utv pictures..



a young ‘muslim’ doctor  – aamir returns from uk , only to find that none from his family has come to receive him at the airport. his luggage is forced into a cab by unidentified people

and they force upon him a mobile phone, where someone keeps calling to instruct what to do next. he is told that his family is abducted and he has to do some work for his ‘kaum’ (muslim community) before they can be released…

hassled by sudden turn of events, loss of luggage and passport, he has no option but to follow them…

he is made to visit some of the most shady and poverty ridden dark by lanes of bhendi bazaar and around, and meet very dirty slum-like people who lead him to one another with minimal clues.


what we get to see all along is, slums, habitat on water pipe along the railways line,

butchers cutting meat out in open, chawl like structures where men women and kids live in unthinkable conditions.. third grade lodges where women help terrorism activities alongwith their mainstream illegal activities… secretive landline telephones have codes for often dialed numbers in karachi …




aamir gets hassled and frustrated too… this unidentified voice on phone keeps hammering on him, that this is how all muslims in india live, they arent given any opportunities/equal things  here and hence we have to take revenge..


finally after meeting a local ‘khanbhai’, he gets a suitcase to deliver to someone… he finds it has a lot of money, and the caller tells him all the money comes from people of the ‘kaum’ world over who believe in the cause,  but no one ready to answer his whys n whos.. when he tries to deliver it to the told people, in another unexpected turn of events, some goons rob him of it. helpless, but angry this time he fights and gets it back… which is a first sign of  how he has turned to violence out of frustration…



then the voice on phone asks him to get into a BEST public bus which is going towards andheri station. andheri station is one of the most crowded as we all know. inside the bus he calls aamir again for the last instruction this time – keep suitcase under the seat, get down and leave….


that’s when it strikes to aamir that the suitcase has a bomb n not money like he had seen. those goons were a part of the plan who made him believe he got the same money suitcase back, but had actually exchanged it….

he gets angry and shouts at the unidentified man on phone, who all the time keeps explaining him that as a muslim he has to do something like this, for his brethren…


the bus stops at a signal, and a distraught aamir, standing on the road looks desperately at the digital lcd display on the signal which is going 54..53..52 etc perfectly coinciding with the seconds left for the explosion… another look at the kids, women in the bus, which has lot of muslim people too unlike the ‘protectors of the kaum’ claim… and he is convinced what he is going to do…


he aggressively jumps inside the overcrowded bus tearing apart the crowd that clung to the  door, and pulls the suitcase and runs out… sees a lane with a sign “mmrda – road blocked ahead” … runs in that empty lane yelling at the municipality workers to get out, and stands there alone with the suitcase in his hand… with a calm smile for the first time now, he looks at the signal display again, it goes 3..2..1.. the big b..


the word aamir – stands for a leader.



i am jaguar paw.i hunt this forest. my father flint sky hunted this jungle. my kids will hunt this forest. remember looking at this poster a lot in 2006, but never appealed to me, on saturday, anand said lets see apocalypto, n it happened. 

mel gibson takes you into a whole aboriginal world, of native american tribes and their life.it’s the story seen through the eyes of a tribesman, jaguar paw, who is also the lead..

their forest, their village, their ways of hunting, living, their families, village elders and their stories, etc… is what we watched out for.. it is shot in the native american ‘mayan’ language and hence subtitles need to be on all the time. this by the way adds to its exotic flavour..

absence of civilization – translates into inhumanness. a more prosperous tribe, comes and invades them, kills some of them and take them as captives to their city. here, some are sold as slaves, some are used to sacrifice to their diety to pray for rain etc… jaguar paw then manages to escape and is chased by the tribesmen, till he defeats them one by one…story is simple. intricacies in the culture, evident from their dialogues, their concepts and common sense passed on to each others make for some curious observations.

rating : there are some movies which are ‘watchable’ due to the cinematography n the hardwork behind the costumes, places, graphice – just like chronicles of narnia. this is one of them. not bad.

sarkar raj

govinda govinda...

ramgopal verma’s sequel to sarkar, starring amitabh, aishwarya, and ahishek bachhan..

we saw it last thursday with my parents who were around, but being a bit too tied up, couldn’t update this space..

story focuses on a power plant project, which involves a foreign investment firm, high level politicians including chief ministers of two states and the infamous sarkar family… 

it feels a li’ll slow on pace and a li’ll too high powered in dialogue wars.especially abhishek fails to make a mark like he did in part 1 of the same. 

a good storyline after some time. godfather II (mario puzo’s) and maharashtra politics blended really very well…

unexpected twist was abhishek’s murder and amitabh taking over again – but partly.and all the more unexpected was the last scene of the movie where aishwarya while discussing matters with some people says in sarkar style – “ek chai lao” making obvious that she holds the reins now… amitabh has displayed some very good quality acting in the last one hour…actor dilip prabhavalkar has left a mark in his character which was very important to the story but had not more than 15 mins of footage..


all in all, if you are a fan of the godfather series, you might like this one but still feel its slow..


ps : background score – very real and rustic.


there are worse things in life than death.

have you ever spent an afternoon with an insurance salesman?

i have.


in india, LIC is one of the biggest, oldest and trustworthy life insurance firms.

they have local agents all over the country. this has been a steady flow of a kind of ‘pocket-money’ income for many housewives, over the years as they themselves say.

one of them happened to be a long distant aunt. actually if you are interested, she was from my mom’s sister’s husband’s family in brief….


she was a very nice aunt, and we met at family weddings. once wen i was picking up a juicy gulabjamun in a extravagant marathi buffet lunch a loving familiar hand tapped on my back… “aga dhanu, tujhyashi kahi bolaaycha hota” (want to talk to you)


we pulled up two chairs and started eating together…

aunt : look dear, you have started earning now, your maushi was telling me. i just wanted to give you an idea about a few things.

people die. it is a fact. and people can die because of many reasons.

i almost choked! w-w-w-hhhat ?

aunt : yeah precisely that’s wat i am talking about…

me : no way i am dying any soon, why are we even talking about this ?????

aunt : how can u say that, there are many options – natural reasons, maybe some calamity, accident, health reasons et al….

me : but is it necessary to think about ‘options’ ?

aunt : yes, absolutely, it keeps you prepared…

me: but i amnt ‘waiting’ to die, there are other better things in life…

aunt : you are right. there are many other things. you can be robbed off your jewelry, or maybe your bank account  gets hacked, your company runs into bankruptcy, and yes, there can be a fire in your apartment in which everything you own is burnt…. you know…. ?

so, my point is, you can never predict… now you might just leave this function after some time and while crossing the road say…swoosh some car has done it again !!

look, i care for you really, i just want you to be insured… y don’t you drop by one evening, shall explain some good policies to you… we need to hurry up in this dangerous world…


this was just an excerpt from a much longer and a more scary conversation, three years ago.

was trying to surf the internet as its tax planning time for me, n I suddenly remembered why I have been running away from insurance policies n agents.


there are many stories about people who have become victims of an overtalkative and extra convincing (forcing) dominating agents, however that’s normal levels of funny marketing tactics.


in a play called ‘sahi re sahi’ actor bharat jadhav, has enacted six different people throughout, and one of the roles is an insurance sales guy. apt to the context, he keeps talking n talking n talking till they push him out of the scene..


all said n done, insurance is safe. everyone should have it. but minds are delicate, tampering with a positive thought process is a serious offense. will people realize ?