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beach cafe

yesterday was a very cute evening…

something I have always dreamt of…

by the time he came back, dinner was ready… I packed it with the new dinner set and some wooden ware ( small things mean a lot, in our first home) all in silver foils and trays et al, and carefully put it away in the car… we also took the ironing board ( I know it sounds funny 🙂  )  

drove to marina beach,

had food there…

the beach was silent and the waves were coming closer due to the high tide, it was full moon…cant even describe what an ecstatic dinner it was, I really have no words… no beach resorts could give you the same happiness….

somethings just touch you unplanned and you can never forget them till forever..





shopping : marks and spencers

i make opinions quickly. sometimes, i think so.

i always felt that marks and spencers was one overly priced brand, and there was no point buying those basic tees for 1500 bucks etc..

was there just yesterday (don’t remember the last time i went to a m&s)… i managed to shop for some really affordable and great stuff, some of the ‘most useful’ things i have ‘ever’ bought…  some women always dress in three basic colours, white, black and red… after all they have thought something about it 🙂 right ?

food in chennai : tangerine

tangerine is known for its sizzlers…

smaller place, hence on a sunday evening you might find it too crowded and noisy, but a weekday evening is ideal… its calm inside

and has this ambience, which most of the uptown places in chennai have… light wooden furniture… interiors kept simple and windows have those straw pullovers, yellow lights..

i had ordered for veg grill sizzler which is a blend of veggies like cauliflower, mushroom, boiled potato, cottage cheese etc etc with cheese sauce…it was nothing less than the tastiest sizzler i’ve ever had… the quantity was also perfect unlike the usual huge sized platters… on the base they arrange cabbage leaves for all the dishes I guess..

recommended : please go, but its important here that you order right from the menu

bollywood : chakde india


(by the way i have flicked this idea of putting movie pictures before their reviews.. saw all critics doing it,) 

in the likes of iqbal(cricket movie, naseeruddin shah and newcomer shyreyas) and invincible (american football movie, matt daemon), this inspiring movie shifts focus from the usual romantic, and more popular these days – action and offbeat cinema.

the underlying hockery theme, is very selflessly (with box office risk) picked up. what really striked in the movie is that, it’s a very practical movie. there are real looking characters, the girls from different states who look like they have some sports background, and real life situations like their struggle to the top, internal strifes, behaviour in a foreign country etc etc… in a very indian girl’s context… and the real life war in the end, the world cup at the olympics..

shahrukh khan has underplayed his superstar behaviour and it’s looking good on him.everyone has equal importance, especially each and every girl has a different personality, which must have been a li’ll complicated to work out and show on screen i am sure..however only a handful of the girls have the lead scenes and dialogues..  

music is not great, title number is inspiring during the movie strictly, not hummable..

fresh faces, new age theme, welcomed by most i know, including myself… 

rating : good movie eh.. 🙂


food in chennai : the crown

it is a restaurant in the residency towers on the 20th floor.

i must say, the ambience requires a mention before the rest follows. it has an open deck, that gives you an overview of the entire city that looks beautiful especially at night, amidst all the lights. the artificial waterfalls and ponds add to the classy evening mood. i didn’t miss mumbai for once here i thought… all the cities more or less looked like each other from the 20th floor 😉

the cuisine is a mixture of  indian and western stuff, and as the restaurant caters to quite some foreigners in the country, it’s a li’ll tailored down to non-spicy tastes.menu includes north indian starters, italian dishes, indian main course, soups,salads etc etc.

i know of a lot of people(indians) who in such kind of restaurants always order an orange coloured paneer subzi, maybe a green coloured paneer subzi and thick skinned rotis, and yes if the place is really good(i mean expensive) then the rotis shall be softer. i wonder wether it’s the ambience that’s got to do with everyone’s imagination or taste buds or whatever…

we had ordered biryani, and raita (pineapple pieces mixed with yoghurt) and some chicken (he is a diehard chicken fan) honestly i felt, the biryani wasn’t spicy enuf… and that’s the essence of an indian biryani… but my disappointment was quickly compensated for by the dessert, mango slices… it was one of the choicest alphonso mangoes picked up…and lots of slices till you can eat to your heart’s content.. definitely, a value for money…

all in all, it’s a very sophisticated urban place, i liked it, and since i have been to many more of the same kind, maybe this time i am not very keen on including more details.. you felt like this sometime ?

recommended : if you feel like having a serene dinner, or want to treat friends out who are new to chennai…

food in chennai : ente keralam

unassuming, simple, yet classy and really close to my home… this was my opinion about this restaurant ente keralam. it is in poes garden in chennai where i live.

this was before i had been there…


they had this grand, but not overplayed (that’s why I call it classy) decoration that  included the elephant head decorated with gold jewelry and a round rangoli of bright and colourful flowers complete with their typical tall brass lamp in the wooden verandah outside as hey were celebrating onam food festival last week..

it was enticing.. we had booked for a sunday lunch with them earlier day and found out that slots were running out sooner than we had thought.. the remaining article will tell you why they deserve to do well.. 


we went in.. it was an old traditional kerala style built mansion, converted into this restaurant… the ambience was in keeping with the state’s theme… beige coloured stone flooring…dark wooden interiors, pullovers on the windows made from dried bamboo shoots… an open kitchen where you could see women in white sarees with golden borders and men with traditional ‘lungis’ making ‘idiappams’ – a dish similar todosa but made of rice noodles, uttapams, frying fish caught and got straight from kerala backwaters ..so they claim…

there were wooden staircases on either sides and balcony surrounding the walls on top, where we could see others sitting and eating away to glory…

on the first floor, it was just like different rooms of a house, albeit really big rooms, and tables arranged as and how they could be best… though the menu card ran into several pages of elaborate vegetarian(mostly different rice preparations) and non vegetarian dishes (mostly fish prepared in different ways, surprisingly some syrian preparations at that! but also included chicken etc),  we chose to opt for the special onam meal they had for the week… …  food was served on plates covered with a huge banana(plantain) leaf each, and clay vessels of cute shapes and sizes… there were different types of chutneys and vegetables neatly arranged on one side of the banana leaf,  in two rows,

including : parippu ( a thick lentil dish eaten with rice, papadum and ghee ), sambar, rasam, aviyal (thick mixture of all vegetables, yogurt, and coconut. it is seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves) kaalan (made of yogurt, coconut, and any one vegetable like “nendran” plantain or a tuber-like yam. it is very thick and more sour than avial), olan (a preparation of pumpkin, coconut milk, and ginger seasoned with coconut oil), koottukari (one or two vegetables like banana and coconut with a hot and sweet taste), kichadi (made of yogurt and cucumber in raw or cooked form), injipuli (curry made of ginger, tamarind, green chilies, and jaggery), thoran (a sauteed dish of vegetables like peas, green beans, raw jackfruit, carrots, or cabbage with grated coconut), pickles, some fires (banana chips) and something like bananas and jaggery fried together…

it was a sumptuous 4 course meal, and we  ate till we could no more, literally 🙂

will attach a snap or two later…

reccomended : a must visit once if you are in chennai.

thank you god for all you have given

yesterday was my birthday.

12 o clock in the night, hubby dear called me to the drawing room and there were candles and flowers and chocolates and a gift and a cake!

wow… it feels AWESOME to be pampered 🙂

next day in office, was some fun, it’s a norm for my project manager to give flowers to the birthday girl/boy and everyone stands around and claps…but this new office seems to have more… they just took my case big time… i was there smiling and knowing not what to do…

almost everyone on the floor made it a point to wish me… really, almost everyone..it was a great gesture…

evening was like one of my favourite dinners, sizzlers.. and then a looooong drive along the marina beach… a perfect day…

the first birthday post marriage and first birthday in chennai office..