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glam nails on the go

glam because they have to be after all that effort! easy because that’s the kind of patience i am left with thanks to this pregginess 🙂
so here we go :

1 . first of all use a good branded nail remover and clean them. other acetone products remove luster from nails and dehydrate. so avoidable. use cotton and no tissues.

2. now clip them neatly if too long / shape with emery board. donot use metal products for filing they spoil nails in long run. avoid filing on corners and go along in one direction. nails can chip if filed from both sides.

3. put some moisturizer on each nail and gently push back the cuticles as you scrub the nail surface. moisturizer is the simplest available lotion at home unlike all those products they put up in magazines and nail parlours. scrub ensures that the nail surfaces smoothens and dead skin is got rid of. use rose wood stick or the likes u get in market. i prefer metal stick here with a wide base for scrubbing.

4. clean with cotton again.

5. apply a nice shade of polish. there will be spring trends n summer trends n officewear trends and so on… but only a few particular shades shall always look good on your skin tone and size of nails. stick to them. lighter but pastel shades are easy to maintain. silvers and shiny pinks might change colours if u eat spicy indian food regularly 🙂 dark wine shades and deep reds look bold and great and make your skin look lighter but can be seen easily when they start chipping. maybe you can use a fun colour advisor from here

6. apply linseed oil/ teel oil on the nails in all corners, massage gently. a good substitute is olive oil too whichever is available. there are cuticle oils and creams, hand massage creams, nail protectors and so on… however i have stuck to easier things you can find at home always.
the entire activity should take maximum of 15 mins,

……and ma’am you are good to go!