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after a really loooong time, we took off for a relaxed drive cutting through the lively city lighting and attention grabbing neon signs on the eastern express highway from thane towards mulund. this patch is specialised by spaced out eateries like mantra, royal challenge, and a couple of malls. after having attended a friend’s mehendi ceremony, we were kind of full with mithai n snacks n sherbet. but there was apetite for little more.
since there was a meeting with the interior guy again late night, we had an hour to go..
so we found ourselves at maxan’s – at the food court of eternity mall. this is a ‘fine dining’ restaurant as they call themselves.one section is the formal setting – probably that’s where you get the mexican menu as he name of the place suggests. we went to the dhaba part – and… it was a soothing surprise!!
the ambience was very dhaba-ish with low indian sitting and furniture made to look like its straight out of a village home. the old world décor types. walls, structure painted to go with the rustic look. lighting out of cane lamps.
the best part that created all the difference – the live ghazal show and the enchanting tabla.. n they were taking ‘farmaish’ too.. (my personal favourite is hazaaron khwahishen aisi)
we gorged a lot on starters. they have mughlai,punjabi, kashmiri, malvani. and they were tasty too.. helpings were enough for one person one starter, or maybe we were too hungry. anand’s sixth sense that chicken here should be tasted went of well .. looked like.. in the end, we needed fresh lime soda to help digest it all!

my rating : must visit, for all three – food,ambience, music.


learnings shared

project home decor.tiring but interesting weekend.

continuing from the last post in this section, kitchen colours are finally selected.  the int guy, anand n me. saturday morning. we walked in to a fairly big shop, with quite some trendy variety.  i generally tend to look at whites n off-whites, apple shade or cream and i was… but  the contrast to go with it was boring. oranges, deep blues, red etc which look good but are very common these days. each of us were quietly pushing through door sized panels of mixed n matched laminates put on sliders… u just have to keep pushing them apart, to expose ones in the next row behind and so on.. they had books too..

finally we chanced upon a fresh white n grass green combination… and liked it instantly… then there were some ideas like how to use the two… what would be the appropriate lighting in the room to go with it.. choice was our both. the int guy gave some good ideas around it. we have kind of built a good rapport now.

back home, wood work happened in two stages –

the first stage was – noisy stage, as you can only hear hammer n nail sounds n at the end of the day all u see is wooden planks small n big…with some internal lining laminate.

the second stage – the visibility, i call it. when the cabinets are up on the wall and u can see things taking shape, and maybe suggest changes here as finally what you get to see always makes a difference even if you have planned everything inch by inch.

third stage is where the above selected combo shall be stuck on the cabinets.

fourth would be the wall paint.

tip to planners : 1. at this stage you might keep on getting more n more ideas as you see things looking better… but keep an eye on the changing budget too.

                         2.  be open to new ideas, being too stubborn on a particular colour you have seen work well somewhere else etc. might not be the the only best thing in the world.

                        3.  if u can catch hold of an interior designer who is flexible n understands just your needs, it’s always a good idea; a person who is in this profession can always give new n trendy ideas and warn you about things that might get wrong from usability point of view.
..and above all enjoy the process, as much as you will the result!



one of the peculiar things to my organization, or maybe useful is an email group exclusively for the ladies, one such mailing list in every location.

often there are vibrant mails during festive seasons like – colour code for each f the nine days of navratri… and lo! the ladies transform the office overnight..

sometimes there are distraught mails like – hi, i need a room mate, house is very close to office, blah..blah..

almost every second day theres a mail saying, i found a nokia n73 mobile in workstation-4 dressing room. owner pls call me on xxxx… probably too many ladies, forget about their phone calls when in front of the mirrors.. genuine, oh cowmaun…

today’s one was a bit more creative.. hi all, car keys with pink diamond shaped radium keychain found in workstation-2 dressing room. looks like ford ikon. owner pls call me on extn xxxx. wow! how did she know it was which car? now that’s some bit of impressive knowledge for a girl i must admit.. i called her up to inquire/congratulate abt this feat which men often underestimate women about and the detail turned out to be – the guy sitting next to her on the other extn had suggested the same… hmm that’s ok.. lets concentrate on the help extended by her on mail.

one listladies mail in chennai office – ladies, kindly refrain from wearing sleeveless outfits as they disturb sanctity of the workplace (!!??..) but as far as i had seen there was never overt dressing… everyone was too traditional according to my mumbai standards anyways! then it struck to me… they were talking about a few seniors who regularly wore sarees with sleeveless blouse, arms of huge dimensions and a dozen gajras with offcourse the mandatory gold jewelry… was only the sleeveless part offending though?

in the manhattan office, the pantry stocked a refrigerator and people left their food boxes in there.. for pickup during lunch. it was slowly observed that the fridge was getting crowded and then a couple of times some box was replaced for someone else’s etc… then there was a mail to the listladies, the last two compartments are reserved for food brought by the ladies in the office and everyone is expected to abide by it. and as very much expected the chaos in the upper part continued… however everything below the “ladies” sticker was forever neatly arranged and smelling nice too…

the kitchen makeover

now that i am kind of waist deep, if not neck deep into the interior decoration project, automatically a few posts shall get filled in this section.

after speaking to a few designers to do up our home, we selected one. the main criteria here was, he was open to our ideas as well! a couple of well deserved posts will follow with some other outrageous experiences we have had.

kitchen getting a priority over other places in the house was a no brainer.

well,  so have pretty much chewed our brains over designs, appliances accomodated, facilities and ease of use  and most importantly the budget!

the plan has kicked off and material etc is set to arrive. now i need to be sure about the colour scheme which shall play an important part. i went to the internet for some ideas but all i got was ikea kind of images which were nowhere close to an indian kitchens. some pics like these :




then to get some real ideas, i went to the home pages of brands like godrej, nuplus etc.  which provide modular kitchen services here. and i got these pics :


our designer guy has suggested using dark brown, pale cream and silver colours.

something isn’t just quite striking me right now.  still thinking……………


this time its 26/11/2008

since ancient times, it was always the basic responsibility of the ruler of the land to see that his people could lead a secure life.then at the time, there were no second chances.a neighbouring king could attack unawares and take away the kingdom, keep captives, molest  women,  demolish original worship places et al. are we different today ? any group of people trained in guerilla and armoury can enter the country and cause damage as and how they want. but, what is more surprising is – inspite of repeated provoking acts like 26th November, we refuse to have a backbone as a country.

in the reign of indira gandhi as prime minister,security was fool proof on all fronts – army, navy, airforce. we could break the bigger part of then defined pakistan  into today’s bangladesh n pakistan – and this single action has saved many more unimaginable things not only for us but for the world.

after the 60 hours of war on mumbai, we are still only left with un-channelized anger of common man, reports of death toll, destruction and the like. worthlessly made public post disaster analysis sans any action.

how could RAW  ignore their intelligence responsibility ? read here for some shocking facts about them in dna india … something we have to be ashamed of.

wat was our home minister mr shivraj patil doing ? wat is he elected for ? as per one spectator on a news channel, “he should be stripped naked in public”

the militants were trained for merely 4 months, but  the real courage came from their anger and determination after seeing fake videos of how muslims are targeted and tortured in india. cant our soldiers be trained along same but more authentic lines? theres a lot that could be done, still can be done, but the will to do so will always be broken by selfish interests of politicians (like for example framing mr hemant karkare and getting him killed to hide big names in malegaon blasts), corruption and politicizing of  intelligence and anti terrorism actions.

martyrdom shown by our courageous few in Indian Police service, security forces is really commendable but unfortunately a wastage due to the double minded leadership.

the way common man is recognising and getting reconciled to the loss is alrite, we always do, as we cannot do aything else, but no one is sure wether their expectations of a better secure place to live in will be ever met.

a note pasted as is : for our safety, in case we come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a note of the new ALL INDIA TOLL-FREE Terror Help-line “1090”. your city’s police or anti-terror squad will take action as quickly as possible. (hopefully!!)

a good post on wordpress, with links to few more-


mumbai, stop calling ourselves ‘resilient’ and how we can get back to work the next day. we have to get hurt deeper. only that will help us get some action.