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weekend mania

this weekend was really maniac. some of it was planned.

saturday morning anand was overflowing with energy as this was one saturday he was not working.
we had a south indian breakfast of medu wadas and dosas followed by coffee and then he left to buy some swimming gear from a nearby mall. ladies and gentlemen please note the reason for his shopping visit.
as he came back, it had taken more than three hours and our watchman to help him carry the shopping bags.
well the results were very pleasing as there was stuff for everyone

suddenly the phone rang and mamaji who stays far away said they are in mumbai, family and kids included and their ‘other’ event is wrapped up so they have headed towards our home. now its no secret how a guest alarm leaves u hurrying and scurrying to arrange things for them (keeping things in order is deleted from the list as one of the house members is a virgo hence the house is generally presentable ) so finaly here we were at 4 pm waiting for them so all could have lunch.. they said, hey! sorry to keep u waiting, but we have had lunch at macdonalds! we said, hey! alright.. we both had lunch and then i made lassi for everyone. finally the late lunch headache stopped. then we arranged a tourist cab for them to see a few places while they freshened up.

now it was time to open the gifts, and we were enjoying ourselves to the hilt, hahahaha who doesnt
we were really surprised as we opened the packets

late evening was planned. we were to go out with some friends for dinner. we met in a restaurant in powai and after trying to climb to the tables, the baby went off to sleep peacefully in his pram. dinner was nice, friends were warm, we came back well after midnight.

mamaji left next day post breakfast, and then we did our grocery for the week. afternoon nap was a giant one due to the week’s slogging and evening we were ready again to go for a best friend’s reception party. however unexpected guest can come unexpectedly and we were again playing arrangement arrangement.
reception party was nice and the couple looked great. will write more about the reception party in a separate post.

by now baby schedule was the only one, running on time and hence he was a happy soul. i was glad for for all reasons.


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  vishal wrote @

Oho ! lots happening then ! It is hard to accommodate unexpected guests but its generally a nice surprise too 🙂 but I hope both of u get a peaceful weekend to unwind yourselves soon.

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