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Archive for February, 2009


again, we have a new pigeon family in another window sill.. now considering the fact that even some hotels in las vegas have pigeons floating in their pools and cant do much about it, our house has- hahaha- i mean, too less protection against the “feathered rats”..


the plants next to it provide the cover.. babies are out..ugly n cute as ever…
this time the wait seems shorter till they fly..it shall be inhuman in my opinion to clean them or discard them, unless they fly out themselves.. the previous family had taken lot of time comparatively…
i m planning to call housekeeping guys to clean this time ok.

if u happen to have pigeons in your house, just for fyi, the risk of being struck by pigeons is one occurence every 9,300 years!
well if there are questions still, you can fall under one of these categories-
one, the informative type – then this link might help
two, the practical type(jus trying to be diplomatic) – then this is the link for you