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plaster days – part 1

or rather my accident memoirs… what ??  when n how did this happen? where are you sweetie? i really didn know… that’s what people said. people as in –  neighbours in the apartment,  friends, friends from work, everyone from work, family, extended families and the election candidate who came to say “hi there” knocking at every door…

well that felt nice.. didn’t know i could complete one whole round of socialising without  attending any baby shower event or logging into anywhere. and then i told them the story..

me and anand were on our scooty. it’s a small two wheeler supposed to be droven at lesser speeds of  20-30 kmph on busy local roads in the town. that’s exactly what we were doing.  but here it is.. we were on the scooty after a long long time. had left arjun at parents’ place (god’s grace that was). suddenly there were four bikes and an auto in sight. they were all in a single line covering the entire road’s width. 3 of those bikes were easily on the wrong side of the road. we tried to take to left as much as we could and were about to stop with lesser than 10kmph, but before we knew they were here already and the last bike crashed on us. both of us fell off. i remember myself kind of flying off and then everything blanked out. then i saw arguments and traffic stopped around and lot of people gathered. some guys helped us to reach to a nearby hospital. they took me out on a stretcher as i couldn’t move. after a couple of x rays, doctor declared there was no harm to my injured leg, just some swelling and advised me to walk. since we both had bruises and pain in other areas we were in the hospital that night. it was arjun’s first night out without mommy and i was worried about him. next couple of days they kept putting off my discharge for flimsy reasons and suggested expensive unnecessary tests. one day we told them we were just leaving and decided to check into a specialized orthopaedic hospital as my leg was still not mobilized. pain worsened. after checking mri scan and ct scan reports, the new doctor said, there was a fracture and ligament damage both below the knee joint. i was operated next day and a metal screw was fixed near my knee forever. also for some reason the anaesthasia injection in my spine didn’t take off and was inserted thrice before operation. it was very very painful. later the effect was for longer than expected on the spine and it took 4-5 days for blood circulation to my head to return to normal.

hard facts of life.. what can i say ?


weekend mania

this weekend was really maniac. some of it was planned.

saturday morning anand was overflowing with energy as this was one saturday he was not working.
we had a south indian breakfast of medu wadas and dosas followed by coffee and then he left to buy some swimming gear from a nearby mall. ladies and gentlemen please note the reason for his shopping visit.
as he came back, it had taken more than three hours and our watchman to help him carry the shopping bags.
well the results were very pleasing as there was stuff for everyone

suddenly the phone rang and mamaji who stays far away said they are in mumbai, family and kids included and their ‘other’ event is wrapped up so they have headed towards our home. now its no secret how a guest alarm leaves u hurrying and scurrying to arrange things for them (keeping things in order is deleted from the list as one of the house members is a virgo hence the house is generally presentable ) so finaly here we were at 4 pm waiting for them so all could have lunch.. they said, hey! sorry to keep u waiting, but we have had lunch at macdonalds! we said, hey! alright.. we both had lunch and then i made lassi for everyone. finally the late lunch headache stopped. then we arranged a tourist cab for them to see a few places while they freshened up.

now it was time to open the gifts, and we were enjoying ourselves to the hilt, hahahaha who doesnt
we were really surprised as we opened the packets

late evening was planned. we were to go out with some friends for dinner. we met in a restaurant in powai and after trying to climb to the tables, the baby went off to sleep peacefully in his pram. dinner was nice, friends were warm, we came back well after midnight.

mamaji left next day post breakfast, and then we did our grocery for the week. afternoon nap was a giant one due to the week’s slogging and evening we were ready again to go for a best friend’s reception party. however unexpected guest can come unexpectedly and we were again playing arrangement arrangement.
reception party was nice and the couple looked great. will write more about the reception party in a separate post.

by now baby schedule was the only one, running on time and hence he was a happy soul. i was glad for for all reasons.


just as i thought of unsubscribing in the last post 🙂
theres this monthly women magazine published by the DNA newspaper “me”. i had written to them in their letters to editor section. gotcha! letter is published and i win a hidesign handbag! awwwww u need to be a girl to know how this feels…

little joys of life,
(though i dont think hidesign pricetags are anything close to little)

PS: now need to get footwear to match it.

life this way too


week one :

life had taken full on before i realised and recovered.

days started by taking vitamin tablets to beat the weakness. rush to bus stop at 7.55am, getting ready for the 10am meeting agenda, work allocations – give and take, getting on work head on, a watch on the screen clock at 2pm to realise i have been without tea or a even a drop of water. fast track lunch. sooner than i realise its 6 pm(phew!)..somewhere in between all the cacophony i get an untimely call for a job interview..my head is reeling really..back home logged in to finish some damn document, anand home from a still busier schedule by 9 pm, fast track dinner over some television, meeting the interior guy by 10 pm and trying to finish detailing and elevations till 12 am… yawning and changing positions inclusive. rest would have solved so many things, but sometimes its a luxury.

after some days..

week two :

a lot of follow up, travel and hardware gyaan has resulted in boring weekends and hectic weekdays. the furniture is nearly over – thankfully. nitty-gritties getting into place. work has shifted into comfortable zone, due to the slowing of projects, and strangely it has kind of comforted me somewhere.now my health is the only project remaining on hand. and yeah the new job offer seems pretty interesting too… 

gifted apologies

if you are a gifted person, you shall get gifts – chinese proverb

(when people want to make something impactful, they call it a chinese proverb)


last diwali, we shopped on this website called indiaplaza and had sent gifts to family. anand’s sister whom we call tai, did not get all the things delivered. when we found out, we complained.


website guys then sent tai her correction and sent us a gift certificate of 750 bucks… as a apology compensation.


we shopped it out and the new items were all delivered. however a couple of days later, they sent us another apology –for these items being not delivered! and whats more we got an additional gift certificate of 430 bucks as an apology compensation for the earlier gc.


that’s why they say – bugs in software are sudden surprises! n this was a pleasant one 🙂


added 3 weeks later – last time when we shopped, had filled out a customer satisfaction survey form.

yesterday the sent us a gc for 100 bucks, for the same reason.


thankyou for what you just felt like saying.





there are worse things in life than death.

have you ever spent an afternoon with an insurance salesman?

i have.


in india, LIC is one of the biggest, oldest and trustworthy life insurance firms.

they have local agents all over the country. this has been a steady flow of a kind of ‘pocket-money’ income for many housewives, over the years as they themselves say.

one of them happened to be a long distant aunt. actually if you are interested, she was from my mom’s sister’s husband’s family in brief….


she was a very nice aunt, and we met at family weddings. once wen i was picking up a juicy gulabjamun in a extravagant marathi buffet lunch a loving familiar hand tapped on my back… “aga dhanu, tujhyashi kahi bolaaycha hota” (want to talk to you)


we pulled up two chairs and started eating together…

aunt : look dear, you have started earning now, your maushi was telling me. i just wanted to give you an idea about a few things.

people die. it is a fact. and people can die because of many reasons.

i almost choked! w-w-w-hhhat ?

aunt : yeah precisely that’s wat i am talking about…

me : no way i am dying any soon, why are we even talking about this ?????

aunt : how can u say that, there are many options – natural reasons, maybe some calamity, accident, health reasons et al….

me : but is it necessary to think about ‘options’ ?

aunt : yes, absolutely, it keeps you prepared…

me: but i amnt ‘waiting’ to die, there are other better things in life…

aunt : you are right. there are many other things. you can be robbed off your jewelry, or maybe your bank account  gets hacked, your company runs into bankruptcy, and yes, there can be a fire in your apartment in which everything you own is burnt…. you know…. ?

so, my point is, you can never predict… now you might just leave this function after some time and while crossing the road say…swoosh some car has done it again !!

look, i care for you really, i just want you to be insured… y don’t you drop by one evening, shall explain some good policies to you… we need to hurry up in this dangerous world…


this was just an excerpt from a much longer and a more scary conversation, three years ago.

was trying to surf the internet as its tax planning time for me, n I suddenly remembered why I have been running away from insurance policies n agents.


there are many stories about people who have become victims of an overtalkative and extra convincing (forcing) dominating agents, however that’s normal levels of funny marketing tactics.


in a play called ‘sahi re sahi’ actor bharat jadhav, has enacted six different people throughout, and one of the roles is an insurance sales guy. apt to the context, he keeps talking n talking n talking till they push him out of the scene..


all said n done, insurance is safe. everyone should have it. but minds are delicate, tampering with a positive thought process is a serious offense. will people realize ?

lessons in mumbai

i am in mumbai. this trip as expected turned out to be exhausting. mom is lying in the hospital, and though she needs me in all ways, she puts up a stronger face saying go home, u need rest.

there are some people in this world who care for you more than you can imagine – and mothers are one such species.


i landed on tuesday. mumbai after a long time felt crowded and fast on the move. i headed straight to the hospital. she was waiting near the lift for me wearing the white uniform they gave her. her eager face lit up as the door opened us to each other. “how was the journey… my tests are done, waiting for operation now”  we chatted for quite some time. since my adolescence, mom has been more of a friend. she has this strange talent to just find out everything about me. this time she said, you look calm and happy, i am glad to see you like this, needn’t ask you more.


in the afternoon they took her to the operation theatre. what was supposed to take a couple of hours took more than seven… i closely saw what anxiety means, that day. a nurse on the floor told me, at 9.40pm, she is on her way back, they found some complication and it was 2 operations done on her. for the first time, my mother who is always in control of everything said, i need you tonight.

that one night in the hospital, i saw her like never before and did everything possible to help and comfort. she was my baby and i was playing mom. she couldn’t talk, but she looked at me like – oh you have grown up so much!!!  sleep was the last thing on our minds.


next day i left for home late afternoon, which is an hour away. i felt i wouldn be able to cope up with the local trains and the rush. i managed somehow. once in the train i remembered, how i was used to it.


home, after a long time. i have been away for more than a couple of years you can say.  every time i visit home, i have grown more as a person and look at the same things differently. we earn more than what we require these days and still it isn’t enough. at home i felt – have i gone so far that i have forgotten my roots? shopping n socializing n travelling that i do now, is way beyond what i’ve been raised up on..

sometimes it’s the home food, sometimes its lighting a lamp near god at twilight, sometimes it’s the luxury of small surprises like an ice cream cone after a summer lunch, sometimes an occasional cultural play, sometimes socializing among people who love you .. maharashtrian families have a typical flavor to their life. we love simplicity. we hate flamboyance. home keeps you strongly in touch with your roots.


next week i spent travelling to and fro – hospital and home and picked up the lost things back, like jumping into an arriving train on the platform.. attended lot of people on phone, met some, got to spend some quality time with mom n dad of course and a critical week is slowly getting over, without we feeling it as much.


oh yes, and there was a curious li’ll lesson that i learnt. a lot of forgotten aunties, uncles, wellwishers came visiting mom. i felt people were very much interested in my life, my work, my company, my husband’s work profile, wether i bought any property in mumbai, wether i am renting it out, how much i bought it for etc etc etc… they all poured a lot of questions but only rarely some reacted positively. the rest were not happy with my achievements/ facts. they compared and they looked jealous. it was disturbing. somewhat.


my father has been ill for quite a few years now. it was a difficult time for the family, but we are much better now.  it was these same people who were happily empathetic then and content with the fact that their lives were better than us. irony of life.


i can advise something – no one is completely happy with someone else’s happiness. even a 50 year old aunty is jealous, if a 25 year old newly wed has a better furnished home. hence its wise to guard all our facts,  to keep peace. that was once when i felt, good we are far from the madding crowd. i shall head back tomorrow, longing to go back to anand, my greatest strength support and love. the family has extended. extended in a nice way.