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IIM’s latesht singing sensation…bole to gaurav

last week has been good to me, i can come home 7-ish and switch on mtv while i cook (read somewhere that being a happy cook reflects positively on food.. cannot confirm though)

there was this song playing the other day, i miss my college days… there was a line flashing at the bottom – IIM’s singing sensation gaurav, enters the music scene… whoooosh…the song played repeatedly… in the end there was a line by the IIM singer himself!! – dedicated to IIM Ahmedabad, my alma mater..

keeooowwll stuff.. after some time, vj nikhil chinnapa was interviewing, the IIM alumni, he introduced IIM profusely and then the ‘IIM-er’ himself… kya ab is waqt mere saath ek business student baat kar raha hai ? ya phir ek musician? – deewar ishtyle – the answer was musician, but gaurav … oops,  the IIM passout gaurav forgot halfway i think.. all the answers began with –  in our IIM campus, we frequently did…  you know what i mean ?? yeah exactly … you’ve got it… the only answer that didn’t have an ‘IIM’ in it – q – so do you have a band or are you a solo ?a –  i am solo, just like bryan adamsuh-huh-uh-huh… sorry sometimes this cough has a timing, weird thing, yeah so who ?? bryan who ??? J 

wanted to write the post that day itself, but didn’t remember the album n song name (if he let the audience remember that is..) so switched on mtv couple of days later too.. the song plays, n quite a few times, but all i can see is, IIM sensation goes live…… zzzzzz



i have a wonderful friend.she is a ‘miss attitude’ herself.

three year old n too active for her age n species, sleek but strong, and a foodlover… theres an ever alert, and intelligent tinkle in her eyes.

more loving than others of her kind, she loves it if i hold her close, and returns a playful smile if i make her stand n handshake…(hubby dear has tried to choreograph her on the classic – dancing cheek to cheek… she is good yeah) but ma’am likes to have fun only when she is in a mood to, uh’ excuse her please…

 when we play late night badminton (attempt to make up for losing the day’s exercise) she is so focused on the shuttlecock, that the moment it drops, she is the first to pounce on it and run up the fence and look at us with challenge J (and the shuttlecock in her mouth!)  

just a couple of days ago, there were some party leftover balloons in the house, n i threw them at her, hit her with some… oh boy! i wished i had recorded the next half an hour on handycam…she was scared to shock… n closed her eyes tightly, was looking at the balloons with one eye open J n then was watching them as if they were someone… then she slowly put a claw on it, n then the next, n one of them blew up… she shrunk back again due to the noise… and so on… 

we have inherited this li’ll doggie for some days. her name is kasturi.

ps : with due respect, the category of this post shall be changed to ‘men women and bitches’ shortly.

a mighty heart

it’s a short movie directed by michael winterbottom made on the recent kidnapping of american (jewish) journalist daniel pearl played by dan futterman. it’s a real story based on the account of daniel’s expecting journalist wife, mariane pearl played by angelina jolie. 

the look n feel of the movie is like a documentary.absence of background music makes you feel the real happenings as if around you.the movie is more factful, detailed and real and the emotions or scare are underplayed to make it purposefully less glamourous. angelina, has played her part to perfection, to the details of accent, hindi words etc. 

daniel pearl along with a bunch of other journalists, was in pakistan to cover the happenings of the taliban war and the hunting operations in tora bora mountains. however even after the main events kind of died down, he stayed on for a few more key interviews, as many important taliban leaders were in pakistan. local agents would arrange meetings / transportation for these journalist ‘friends’. just a last interview left and he would be out of pakistan, but fate took a different turn. a group (out of the many functional groups) plotted to kidnap him, and some agent misleaded him to them…they sent a few tapes to his wife, and the last tape sent pictured someone beheading him,as they forced him say, he was a jew. the cops(irfan khan played the head cop) did try a lot to save him, but failed to be stronger than the vast parallel rule of these jehadi groups in the country which makes it  very messy. 

what is obvious is the prevailing poverty, dark alleys n crowded streets, racism, unlawful and extremist society and the fact that pakistan as a country has become so unsafe and disorganized that its diffucult to enforce any government or military discipline in common man. every third person in public is a jehadi, who knows why he is one and what he is doing. kidnapping, killing, firing, and other anti social activities are prevalent on streets and theres hatred for a lot of reasons that are a complicated mesh. on the surface, there are a few pockets in main cities that have good localities, where foreigners can stay, but the surface is thin and shaky and below it lie the foundations of chaos hatred and violence. 

all in all, a true movie, a good watch, an insight, maybe an eye opener.

explaining what raj thackeray means to a marathi maanus..

he is a fanatic, for his region, people, language. alrite.

now there are fanatics everywhere, some are vocal, more diplomatic ones aren’t. in a city where i live in, chennai, you have to understand tamil, no matter what to survive… they refuse to incorporate hindi – which is our neutral national language..in gujarat, do you think there are any prosperous other language / region people ? in delhi, or say punjab – unless you are fair skinned or you can talk about big things n bigger contacts n multiply your facts by 5 while talking to anyone, an honest person cannot survive and is walked over… our widely praised ‘cosmopolitan bangalore’ is not any different too ( http://www.ibnlive.com/news/antioutsider-voices-gain-pitch-in-bangalore-too/59005-3.html ) some other minorities like muslims and christians taking advantage of prevalent misery n poverty in this religiously liberal country, convert people to their religions, resort to extremism etc. 

coming back to maharashtra n for that matter mumbai, the inherent local who has earned the title ‘marathi maanus’ is an adjusting, accommodative, open to all, non enterprising, middle class business executive/doctor etc etc whos voice easily gets lost in this display of strength.  

mumbai has always been n will always be a welcoming city for all, which is a pot pouri of cultures n opportunities. however, these ‘quiet fanatics’ take disadvantage of exactly the same fact…start forming their pockets with unwritten understood rules… a gujarati real estate broker shall mention a price of 6700 rs per square feet to a marathi investor but 6300 rs per square feet to another gujarati in mumbai, to encourage his tribe. a gsb (an essentially konkani community), a nayar samaj from the south, or a jain samaj have their own public places(lodging dormetories, wedding halls ) to rent at surprisingly low prices for their own people… trusts that help community families, students education, n all this not in their geographical states, but in mumbai! 

so when a raj thackeray (or even the entire shiv sena ) ideology stands up as a powerful voice of a marathi in his own land, i really don’t think it is ‘illogical’ or ‘absurd’ – as discussed by these non-marathis now, forgetting what they themselves are doing.. somewhere everyone does it for their own communities, states, languages unsaid n unwritten but understood by all. so please don’t come up with hypocritic discussions like – in a democratic country how can we say which state belongs to whom ??? oh excuse me… there are reservations all around you, there is protection for minorities, two people want to come to mumbai  and speak in their own language with each other, sideline others, still find their kinda cuisine, temples in an ever accommodative city… and now that someone is standing as a voice to protect the marathis who will slowly become a minority at this rate,  just cos its not favourable to you, you are now talking about sovereignty n democracy ?? 

marathi maanus is much more matured n understanding however. though the educated class will feel that mr thackeray is not handling things the right way, somewhere each one will silently identify their voice in his voice…

i am just saying that with due respect n no offence intented to a lot of lovely non maharashtrian people i know, we need to understand that just like every society has all kinds of elements, blue collared, representative, violent, enterprising etc., maharashtrian society has its own share too… and just like we live with them, we have to live with the newfound ‘marathi baana’ too… until we really do away will ‘ALL’ barriers n injustice…

britney spears

her life is.. curiosity or entertainment ? lets read to find out wether it’ll be a third opinion altogether..

britney spent her childhood in lousiana. she was a talented gymnast, a good dancer and performed at the local church choir. at 8, she got noticed at the auditions of a disney channel series, she later completed courses in performing arts in nyc, did a television series et al –  she was already a star kid! after an education break, she joined a pop group ‘innosense’ and ‘nsync’ albeit briefly and started touring for american teen magazine concerts.

in the next couple of years, she released her biggest hits ‘…baby one more time’ and ‘..oops i did it again’ and propelled into numero uno position… she was everywhere on the billboard hit lists, mtv hit lists, n had swept away all possible pop awards, alongwith, not to mention… sales worth millions and millions of dollars. what followed was a series of stage appearances, brand ambassadorships, concert tours, more albums like –britney, in the zone, blockout, greatest hits: my prerogative – in 2004’, her wealth n success kept multiplying… in 2002 forbes magazine, spears was ranked the world’s most powerful celebrity.  

whilst continued success in music career, after a very brief wedding (rumour) to pop star justin timberlake, she got married to kevin federline – a rapper, dancer, model and actor, who left his eight month pregnant wife for her…britney and kevin had 2 kids together. in a couple of years,  the marriage was on the rocks when they filed for divorce. incidents like britney being snapped driving, with beltless kid on lap led to a fierce custody battle for kids and much food for gossip. in 2007-2008, she faced other family issues and took to drugs, followed by rehab centers.recent turn of events say that she has lost the custody of her children permanently to kevin. 

well, after reading about all this, and the recent ridicule and unsympathetic attention she has got, i really pity her.. i mean heres a person who was destined to be in limelight (for whatever reasons maybe) her talent shone out since childhood… and maybe with that kinda money and fame since early life, she lost touch with reality… she had to look n feel n behave n dress n appear like a star always… maybe the pressures took a toll… these ppl who are ready to marry her (including recent sam mufti – a pakistani photo journalist, for whom she was also ready to change her religion and stay in pakistan ‘cos she thought he loved her) are very obviously doing it for her money and taking advantage of the fact that somewhere within her life of glamour and glitter her mind is wandering in search of real peace, a person whom she can trust n love… they just step in to fill the void temporarily but for bigger gains later in divorce settlements… and like sam, her photographs in personal life for which otherwise he would have needed rights… 

life is mean to her and destiny will decide her next reason to be in news… we wait n watch.. 



men CAN care about women


a sensitive, creative and aesthetic tribe.there are few definitive things friends, employers, family can take care of that can make them feel comfortable.however men pass rounds of anti feminist jokes … women are so confusing, women fight .. that’s all ‘cos they really never get the point and just look at the symptoms n reactions. heres someone really sweet whos put just the right thought into women… and way back in those times!

have a look : 

1943 – guide to hiring women 

fusion cooking

cooked a simple potato n onion subzi, but with vegetable jalfriezee recipe n masala. its come out good 🙂