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whats in a name

in a giant merger and acquisition deal, my company ‘A’ has been bought out by a company ‘B’.

so the process of our company name change is underway.. and hence quite a few other things to fall in line with the new ‘Ba’ ltd.


whats in a name really ? thought many. but theres a lot of business sense it seems

according our chairman who addressed us all like everytime, across offices of all locations…


‘A’ was always well acclaimed in its vertical of businesses and its work culture had unique

affectionate flavour to itself… everyone was professional, yet friendly, there was some good quality work happening out there, but a lot of fun too, many like me had spent some formulating years of our career here, and had a kind of bonding with everything..

have made some really good friends here, and though we all have moved on in different countries and workplaces, it is our old team attitude n this company that’s still a common thread. people bond over hard work, some great things to learn n tiring working hours. with new management, which will happen sooner or later things are sure to change though…


personally for us, processes are changing, few new units mushrooming, internal job rotation opportunities which quite a few have patiently waited for anyways,and the never ending hope of increase in $..


so much in a name. name change.


manoranjan ka baap

the star studded DLF Indian Premier League has finally arrived and is drawing the highest TRPs in all types of media officially.

since the matches are 3 hours each like a movie show or maybe comparable to a football game, lot of non cricket-lovers are drawn to them too… women especially. 

so far people got to see, shahrukh’s Kolkata Knight Riders, vijay mallya’s Royal Challengers Bangalore, mukesh ambani’s Mumbai Indians, chettinad cement’s Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Dare Devils, preity zinta’s Punjab Kings Mohali team, Deccan Chargers. some team owners who are not celebrities have hired brand ambassadors like katrina kaif for bangalore royal challengers n akshaye kumar for delhi dare devils n actor vijay for chennai … 

kolkata team is a clear winner in terms of rage n the winning attitude. deccan ’s andrew symonds too couldn do anything to them.delhi is really mediocre, as is mohali n rajasthan.mumbai team is exceptionally bad. for more visit official website 

it all boils down to selection, and selecting good people who are also reliably in good form at that like mr. ponting. i fail to understand what mukesh ambani wanted to do, he has put least time n effort into any team activity – no team bonding, no ads, the team feels like they are left out high n dry, no brand ambassador on field, looked like he was shaking hands with them face to face on the ground for the first time, and the whole point of this exercise – reliance branding – is missing!!!! whoaa, i mean why??? what for ??? you cold have as well made way for other star hopefuls in mumbai – big B, small B, newbie (new mrs B), thackeray household…. there were many to oblige yaa 🙂

look at other busy people who really spent time with their teams and it shows.

shahrukh, all  ridiculed for his excessive bollywood footage has taken his team exercise very seriously and it really shows, besides of course picking up the right people in the team which does matter a lot…. 

the irony of the whole situation is, the media has created a lot of regionally oriented hype through ads, team endorsements, specially created numbers etc… however, the teams consist of  only one regional player of the particular region and a bhelpuri of everyone else all over north/south/east/west of india , pakistan , new zealand , australia , south africa et al. some celebrities like katrina kaif is not a kannadiga, but endorsing them etc etc. 

whatever the details, it sure is fun to watch, and is more lively with new n fresh faces for the “extraaa” innings and new ways of presentation.

we are planning to visit deccan chargers vs. mumbai indians on wednesday here in chennai, probably hubby will visit Mumbai for the finals!

hubby, as a brand manager for his company is involved in sponsorhip for the series and has got VIP passes, n proudly wears the badge which says – access everywhere except dressing room  😉


pesticide is the new flavour

pesticides were almost everywhere, in hybrid fruits, soda drinks, now officially in packaged branded drinking water in chennai city.


the city consumes 60 lakh litres of packaged drinking water everyday given the dismal water distribution by civic authorities. after having pardoned helplessly, the damage caused by salty borewell water to hair,eyes and skin , now water that’s to be consumed being in the news is a jolt to us.


but the city is quiet. here people only worship, they dont protest. so we ‘north indians’ wait n watch…  n in the meantime  – boil water.

french manicure

pretty nails look neat.neat nails look detailed and easy.

this time i tried having pretty nails over neat nails like everytime. it was a neat attempt. however the maintainance that follows is nowhere close to easy.


french manicure, for the uninformed is a very intricate n aesthetic way of doing up nails using a combination of two colours and a great shape… its detailed, yet neat  🙂


well, well, well, FMs were my favourite till i realized that after u have them, u cannot eat, drink, have a good night’s sleep, wash hands, cook, go out, n even move your hands freely !

as any of the activities listed above, can spoil ur paint in a jiffy… especially the tips of your nails where the whole crux of the artwork is..


lets look at it this way gals,

if you want a break from your busy schedules and want to stay away from all other disinteresting mundane chores, a great french manicure is highly recommended !!


thanks saps for co founding the idea in larger public interest.

the godfather

the godfather , godfather II, godfather III.

a very honest, 1930s account of  highly rich and powerful italian business families read organized crime in america .

the first part talks about don vito corleone played by marlon brando,


who manages business/business partners, eliminates enemies, helps needy, is close with politicians and the church and has a big name as ‘godfather’ which in christian religion means to take care of whose god father you’re appointed during the child’s christening i believe. vito’s family, his sons’ what fate each of them meet, how the family re organizes itself around circumstances etc.


the second and third part focus around one of my most favourite actors – al pacino,  his ancestral history, how his father came to america from sicily – the family’s origin and earned his name, and how al pacino or michael corleone carried forward the legacy and became more and more successful in his lifetime et al.


all along, theres a very close account of the italian culture, traditional concepts of people about family, relationships, business, lifestyle of the rich in that era, and yes in a lot of places i saw similarity with india in some sense… the background music is just right and nothing is fabricated or underplayed – it makes u feel as though you are one of it, going with the story….


though sometimes u may feel it is a bit slow, but being such an old movie you can give it that concession….

the series is based on a book by mario puzzo, godfather I and III won oscars, it was the first ever of  mafia movies, made at a time when north america was ridden with crime and most of the mafia consisted of italian people (mainly of sicilian origin – the crime capital of the world).

an interesting league of its own, it takes you into a different world. shall always remain one of my favourite movies.

breaking news!!!!!

some things are unavoidable in life. that is – even if you want to avoid them, you cant.bollywood news is one of them.these days even if you don’t switch to any music/movie/entertainment channel at all for one week and strictly watch only news channels, you will still probably know more about bollywood than the latter !

however, if you don’t watch news channels too, and you have managed to escape these, i am obliging……. 

‘om shanti om’ starlet deepika padukone was good friends, more than good friends with cricketeers mr. mahindrasingh dhoni and mr. yuvraj singh respectively. yuvraj apparently couldn’t concentrate on his game for some time as they met on and off in restaurants/ movie screenings.etc … [silent romantic music plays in background on dmm die-bi-en, beats music on no-other-tv 24×7 ]  

mahindrasingh dhoni apparently felt bad about being left out and urged yuvraj to improve performance on the field….. [charged up bhangra music for this one, deepika smiling/blushing on half of the screen, angry dhoni photo on other half of screen ] 

‘yuvijee se deepikaji naaraz….kya ho sakta hai iska kaaran ? hum laaye hai sirf aap ke liye, dekhte rahiye break ke baad….’ courtesy kal-aaj-aur-kal tak.  

breaking news!!! breaking news!!!! flashing in red at the bottom of the screen, there was a small scratch on kareena kapoor’s bare back seen through the backless designer outfit at some party.kareena’s back photo in spotlight, a red circle focusing on the scratch mark…. can you beat the detailing ??? so why did she get the scratch mark ??? the mark looked atleast two days old as verified by the channel team and last 2 days schedule of kareena kapoor in bullet points with background score for each point as it appeared on screen – dhish dhish dhish…interviews of people on those three shooting venues wether she got hurt….finally confirmed that the mark must have been caused by saif ali khan to her!!!!saif was not available for comment, as he was out of the country…. stay tuned to find out more about him….  

sanjay dutt’s wife manyataa comes down with him in the lift and drops him near the car to kiss him good bye!!! to know more about sanju baba’s schedule (on and off jail / home) stay tuned to india achaar-samaachaar……. 

aaj ke bulletin me bas itna hi…. intezaar keejeeye kal tak!!!!