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new teacups

its early morning. the cook has just left. as i wash some assorted veggies, my eyes glance at the time and then tea cups on the shelf. i leave the veggies in the cooker for the kid’s soup and start clearing the mess in front of me with practice and without thought. the cups are wearing out and i need to pull out new ones. water heats in the teapot and i add some sliced ginger for the cold weather. the husband is almost ready and stacking away untidily the bunch of boxes that i just packed. theres a box having new cups, maybe i should start using them now.

suddenly i feel its a busy weekday evening on mount road, chennai and we both have just met after work. we walk into popatlal and sons – the huge and old fashioned crockery shop. he is thinking about work, i am dreaming about crockery. i want the funky, he said it wasnt classy. finally we buy these cups.

oh the tea is boiling already. i shall filter it into the usual cups only. the new cups are already full – of memories.


food fortnight

this is going to be a simple blog post, just mentioning last fortnight’s updates.

last sunday night, we soaked some green pulses in water. monday morning saw usal – cooked and gravied dish from sprouted pulses, which also later became misal by garnishing with onion, sev, tomato and a dash of yoghurt. tuesday was kadhi – tangy buttermilk side dish with ginger flavour. on wedesday we had palak parothas. Thursday, was a normal maharashtrian poli(roti) bhaji(sabzi) koshimbir(salad with tadka) amti bhaat and dahi day. Friday we had hot masaledar butter paav bhaaji and soft dahi wadas. they were really good and i thought wow what a marathon with cooking going on. Friday we had soaked and readied batter which turned into sumptuous dosas and sambhar on saturday. sunday we had monchow noodles soup but in a restaurant.

before we realised it was next monday again and we decided to make it a usal day once more but this time – walachi usal, the white gram. tuesday we had lemon rice, a south delicacy in which daal and lemon are used while cooking rice. thursday we had paneer tikka, its not very difficult to prepare however it tasted awesome due to the masaledar yet lemony flavour of the gravy. friday was supposed to be fruit salad but anand came up with a surprise plan of going to a resort for a day. those guys had really “cool” water sports and restaurants all around the place so friday we ate a lot of things to add to the list.

tonight, again we shall be going to someone for dinner and if i get to come early will definately love to post what we splurged on.


again, we have a new pigeon family in another window sill.. now considering the fact that even some hotels in las vegas have pigeons floating in their pools and cant do much about it, our house has- hahaha- i mean, too less protection against the “feathered rats”..


the plants next to it provide the cover.. babies are out..ugly n cute as ever…
this time the wait seems shorter till they fly..it shall be inhuman in my opinion to clean them or discard them, unless they fly out themselves.. the previous family had taken lot of time comparatively…
i m planning to call housekeeping guys to clean this time ok.

if u happen to have pigeons in your house, just for fyi, the risk of being struck by pigeons is one occurence every 9,300 years!
well if there are questions still, you can fall under one of these categories-
one, the informative type – then this link might help
two, the practical type(jus trying to be diplomatic) – then this is the link for you

mummy ji

we have a window sill 3 feet wide. just after we moved in had kept 3-4 cartons in a row on the sill.

one day when i came back, there was something new, rather it was ‘someone’. a fat pigeon had made a careful home on the soft bubble wrap sheet that spread on the sill. the carton protected her from the wind, and may be the crows. ther were few straws and feathers  arranged in a circle on which she sat all the time. there was another pigeon who came to give her food sometimes. on day we saw an egg beneath her as she had shifted and would take a break to go out herself. then on a weekend, it was two eggs.. anand suggested putting some groundnuts near her, but she was very careful to not let us come closer, and made a do-no-disturb-me kind of flutter.

couple of days ago, we saw yellow feathery stuff beneath her… then a tiny – you have to see it to understand what tiny is – a tiny beak… coming out from under her to look at me… a glance and it was back in… by evening they were out, cute but dirty yellow things that looked nothing like a pigeon.

till today morning, gradually those feathers were giving away to grey colour and i could see tiny wings, but they are too weak to fly yet..

welcome home

new feeling on being first day home. new beginning,  new feeling of ownership, the absence of  an attitude – let it be.. anyways we have to move out of here one day, the creative juices flowing and fast, the petty fights over which side sofa should be, interior magazines, furniture designs, quotations (now tht just comes with the rest!) , smell of new paint, cartons and more cartons, the first of everything, cleaning drive cum holi festival at home,  peaceful morning chai and a smile at each other that says – finally!

do visit our home!

the transfer letter


yes i am moving to mumbai. actually back to mumbai. this is a detail i forget often.

its been more than a year in chennai now.  the small n sleepy town has been a part of our life in its own ways. have picked up some slang, seri. daily and weekly chores have found ways in multiple food worlds, nilgiris, pazhamudir nilayam in mylapore.  after office khader nawaz khan road window shopping is a mode of entertainment.

i walk back home on the jewel studded cathedral road (bapalal diamonds, prince jewelry, moksha, surang et al.)…and then into poes garden. walk down the binny lane. amongst the quiet yet powerful houses within all the greenery,  somewhat noisy chai stall appears closer with lungi clad ‘anna-s’ (auto drivers, domestic helps from the houses around) and the tiny ‘annamalai departmental stores’ . they are our homely uncle aunty who understand marathi as they had spent close to 20 years in mumbai.  their shop is a respite in the area, as it is rightly a provision store for all everyone’s needs.

appurama, right panni… a couple of houses on either side, amma’s security post, and here – left panni. theres our  guest house, with a red iron gate and familiar welcome barking of kasturi from the distance..

generally work permits me to be here around 6.30 pm with an entire evening at my disposal. being a virgo wife, tidying the house comes first, readying dinner, reading etc and in no time anand is honking in the regular pattern  at the gate … that gets kasturi jumping  out of control.

yes my life is really chilled out.. with pros and cons of course. my opinions of chennai are due to whatever I have seen and wherever I have been to .

well, now a new mumbai chapter is about to begin. from next week.  someone said,  u know mumbai office is huge!  when you stand up on the floor you cannot possibly see the other end. theres largescale landscaping everywhere, the pantry is like a foodmall with different counters open all the time, a mall is closeby, travelling to and from your house will be like b’lore – lots (b’lore is more known to many chennaiites) .. you will have to adjust to all this… and instead of laughing it off, the thought  is actually lingering in my mind, will i get used to mumbai .. soon ?

ramya a team mate, the other day walked in and handed me 2 huge dairy milk bars.. ‘remember me da’ , i was touched! this simple girl, a team mate who was herself going through a lot, had the thing to bring in a momento..

my lunch group mahila mandal, a group of 7-8 in their mid thirties maybe, with kid stories n all… u can imagine the noise n the confusion when all get together! we went to palimar and had a three course lunch, and then the pan that everyone likes..

durga, the other day gifted me a pair of estelle earrings.. they are cute!! and so is she.. never knew i meant something to her.. i have made up my mind to fly down for her wedding in november…

small pleasures of life, tug at me affectionately.


one more ram gopal verma. the film poster reads thus  : satya – inside view of the underworld. company – overview of the underworld. contract – underworld meets terrorism.

post aag – the sholay remake, rgv recovered some lost respect by making sarkar raj, n killing abhishek bachhan in it 🙂  but he went back to his silly ways with ‘contract’. its about a military commando who resigns his job as he thinks family is more important than life. then in a temple blast , his wife n kid face unfortunate death. he then acts as an undercover cop in a mafia gang… rises up in rank and trust, kills many dons, goons, cops, politicians in the process and finally gets to meet a high profile terrorist whom the country is after since long… he manages to kill the terrorist too… as his mentor is murdered somewhere in between, no one knows his real identity now (story upto here like leo di caprio’s departed). but the last twist is, he prefers his new life and wants to continue killing terror in all forms.

cast and crew is dominantly south indian – andhra actors especially, and they are trying to talk in marathi. the movie has a lot of flaws like the cop talking from don’s house in dubai to his mentor police inspector but still no one knowing.. terrorist suspecting him as a cop but he talking out a high profile terrorist out of suspicion!!

all in all silly movie, ram gopal verma kinda psycho cinematography from all sort of angles, shots from behind coffee mugs, from under the table where you can see only people’s legs n shoes on screen etc…

my rating : sorry.

my warning : BEWARE.