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take care – of others around you &…cya – ahem ahem

i met a good old college friend of mine. when friends see each other after that long, its different…choices have grown out of older things, their life has been through quite a lot of events which aren’t updated to each other unlike college days…in fact, over time, people change, personalities change – sometimes for the good.

so, i met this good old college friend of mine after a long time.when we spoke on phone first, i was told atleast a couple of times that he manages a 10 million worth of the company business where he works, after we met too, he did tell me that… also he tried to educate me how abroad is different from india (thanks dude, i had never travelled anywhere outside my hometown ever….if not for you i wouldn’t have known..) , how we shouldn’t die for going out there etc etc i had to cut him short to explain what I was talkin about…. just talking and not giving advise at everything someone says is also a form of conversation yeah … in singapore, where he works, it seems construction site workers and IT (software) workers are considered same … (i am a software programmer by the way) …back home at night, hubby said ‘hi’ on phone, but unlike expected (of whatever nice memories i had spoken of friends from college) my dearest friend told him of course –  that he handled a 10 million business (fyi – hubby dear has been handling 100 million business for, but we never spoke facts n figures in our 2 years of being together ) and he also advised hubby wether to have a family in s’pore !! it was one of the first conversations dear friend. don’t be a papa to people… we don’t need an extra one.. (we have 2 these days after getting married 🙂  )

anyways, friend dearest shall never be reading this post, as he mentioned to me how he saw something on this webpage…”your blog re dk…whats that post..forgot the name .. saw it once but didn’t have time to put comment.”  🙂

i am really sad, my friend has changed, he was a really good person…fuhget it… was a very irritating experience though… read a quote somewhere – humility is.. quality of character lies in … something like that… umm i think. 

well weekend was nice… saw godfather, life is beautiful n jodha akbar… will write more 😉 each is one in its own kind.anand saw test match live in the stadium between india n south africa, he enjoyed too …


things that make me happy

yesterday i got a blue designer satin top with psychaedelic prints on it and blue danglers to go with it…i am the happiest person in this universe!!! 

diaries again…

we had a long weekend this time… it was nice. friday we had anand’s uncle from pune visiting us for breakfast so we had made sure that breakfast was as heavy as lunch if not more.

it was holi festival that day. hindus believe that you have to burn all the evil intentions in a fire – that had once burnt the not-so-well-wishers of young prahlad, but kept him in tact due to his purity. friday was also one of those rare days when i was really cooking for that long n made some delicacies like puran, bhajjis etc later in the day. it was raining cats n dogs with heavy thunder n lightning here in chennai so god literally poured water on our plans to lite holi – i told myself, we are already very pure human beings, theres nothing to burn. 

evening we saw the new movie – race. it was surprisingly kewl!! hummable n foot tapping songs, good looking n well dressed guys n gals, amazingly gripping story. the cinematography needs special mention – the word is suave. there is scene focusing on a fast black porsche from high up and the scene moves upto 180 degrees till the car moves from behind beneath you to ahead and farther away from sight… too good. the race course, lights in the background, beaches of south africa, give the whole thing a larger than life look. definitely worth a watch in theatre – don’t miss the impact on dvds. now thats what a thriller is supposed to be- jam packed with entertainment.

next day, on rangapanchami, we hosted the celebrations and a gang of friends had come over. since we have a bigger courtyard to our house (50meter  x 50 meter). before they came, we had arranged outside  samosas, mithai, fruits salad, chips, cola drinks etc, chairs to sit and color dirty 😉 balloons filled with water, some decoration , a handpainted poster of happy holi (nothing is bad – its amateur .. ok next) a water pipe connection, had stocked loads of oil, shampoo etc for people to recover from colours et al… i know now why they say sometimes that the jouney is more fun than destination… but here both was! we all had lots of fun that day. ordered pizza for lunch at 4 pm.  

hey when i look back it looks like quiet some action… evening friends left, but came back again 7-8 ish, we watched and discussed mtv roadies. then they left their vehicles and we all walked down to don pepe the restaurant – food was excellent as usual. don pepe is known for its sizzlers. this time i didn meet bump into anyone from office there, so no coincidences.

sunday was quiet, recovering from tiredness, intermediate sleeping, eating, watching the heavy rain, chai. anand played chess, i watched friends season 10 till rachel and ross’s baby’s birthday episode.

MTV roadies… the show

MTV roadies is a reality show where the road jouney started with a group of about 15 people and at the end of every round, the group votes out each other and one member has to leave the show.  

the group which keeps reducing in size goes to different locations across india sometimes abroad, and engage in water sports, camping, few other sporty tasks besides of course long drives from place to place.

there are some who perform better than the others, there are some who backstab, sometimes good ones lose out due to the same, some are goodlooking, some have other vested interests in those, some are simply laid back, some are seen as helpful and harmless, some are an average figure everywhere – performance, strategy, charm, whatever else but still sail through as they don’t have many enemies due to not doing anything noticeable. some are real masterminds in plotting people against each other and creating groups take automatic leader roles, but withdraw when it comes to performance. some make more friends, get involved and uninvolved at the right times, some are too intricately involved to unweave and then have no choice but to do anything it takes, some are without pleasing manners/language which can get irritable to others, some simply are hatable and are the first preys.

this show kind of teaches me or rather reminds me of how people are, which kind of  attitude is rewarded in which way etc though still cannot comment till i know who is the real ‘roadie’ who manages to survive till the end. it also depends on various situations, interpersonal relationships, strength and some bit of luck too… 

finally it takes the spirit to win – perform and do much more, not only on roadies but in real corporate life too. 

learnings added after watching more episodes :

so far it really took more than performance to survive. but when too many incompetent people remain in a team, and tasks get tougher, good old ones are called back and this time they have the spirit of revenge which is stronger than physical strength. in corporate scene i think, when management realises there are too many incompetent people left in a team, they bring in new ones too with some old ones.

i need a life

if i close my eyes for a minute all i can visualize is, outlook mailbox, incoming mail alert, a maize of login password credentials, functional specifications, file save windows, a list titled mom 11th march in finicky handwriting, keyboard, click sounds, a worn out mousepad, softboard with some diagram stuck on it, the li’ll wooden sky above my cube that has a tiny hr card hanging from it and blurred noisy internal messenger windows. 

suddenly i feel heavy and with a deep sigh i get up and head for the tea pantry on the floor… it seems as distant and welcome as a vacation on a hillstation.

my work neighbourhood

i have been working longer days, this week which explains the frequency of posts here.. now, its 6 pm, the ‘dependancy’ phrase in our project has come to life and here i write about something that’s been amusing me, as i wait for a colleague to mail some docs. 

there are three new neighbours in the each of the adjacent cubicles in our bay.. each of them amuses me more than the other… 

one is a bespectacled girl with an eternal frown, whose shoulders carry the weight of all stress n worries of mother earth. she says she doesnt like her name, she doesn’t like the kind of work she is doing, she didn’t like her earlier organisation as it was too far away from home so she headed for a change (but also that this organisation is further away from home), she doesn’t want to travel out of the city for work as she doesn’t like to… however once she did travel for a month so that – its interesting – so that her parents can tell everyone (read prospective grooms’s parents) that our daughter has travelled, but she didn’t like anything about it, she doesn’t like air conditioners, she doesn’t like cheese. 

the diagonally opposite inhabitant is a ‘typical madrasi software programmer’, formal full sleeved shirt with a tie on mondays, denims and sport shoes and a tiny backpack.i have never managed to understand what he he tries to communicate in his heavily accented multilinguals so far, and i think he knows that by now, as he seems to have given up and only smiles when i pass by – sweetly though. 

the final star performer is… i dont know how to describe her, its this young girl just back from her wedding leave… tall and equally wide, you cannot miss her sight with atleast a dozen of gajras(flowers) in her head, a centimeter-waterpipe-thick gold chain in her neck, heavy duty kaajal and bindi… but in spite of all the ‘shringaar’ there is li’ll trace of any feminine newly wed’s symptoms. when wished about her wedding, with a somewhat angry look (i thought weddings were a happy affair) and a shrill voice she said, “i dooonnn’t lika chhainnayee… i am leaving aivrything in bangalore and coming here, told my husband fusstta day itself, that we are going to settle down in bangalore.. seemble. “ well doesn’t look like her better half would dare to say a no… that’s if he is really the ‘better’ half. 

day in day out all around me everyone rambles on and on in tamil (maybe malayali but who knows the difference) in workplaces, pantries, meeting rooms, lifts… so i  socialize little in office (which is surprising for a person like me but i have few options) and introspect and observe more.. this post is the result. 

well, there comes my mail, i am back to work….

‘CAUSE we believe in the strength of OURS

there are a lot of things we can do around us, besides loving our own lives – child labour, human rights, women suppression, food problem in some countries, education, donation to poor, hygiene and health care to needy etc etc…however these, arise from some fundamentally rooted issues like population and endangered environment mainly. 

for some time now, i wanted to do something towards seeing the environment  more green than the present…. but more than putting logos in email signatures and carrying it on handbags (i haven’t seen it help much, though i will still keep them) 

meanwhile i have come across this ‘free rice’ concept (link on homepage) which is surprisingly effective for the needy and easy to donate, thanks to vishal’s webpage (listed in the favourites as lavishmungi) 

however still, i was looking for something where i can work on the environment thingie, and then friend parag, told me how he had donated money to ‘ greenpeace ‘ (link on homepage) and i too could have  a look, it was really surprising that someone like him who never ever spoke about serious concerns was actually working on it, suddenly all those who know – see him less of a chatterbox n more respectful… i too visited the webpage n whoa!  yes i wanted to contribute in all ways i could, monetarily, energy saving activites etc etc…. there are lots of ideas here and enough information to upset you and set that part of the brain which is softer towards the cause – on fire ! its no more about celebrity speeches and politician talk, but there are millions of people out there who have already plunged in….. its time for you and me now, and if i can do it… you too sure can! 

every action, every rupee, every li’ll gesture of attention very much does matter…

ps : greenpeace monthly newsletter