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an exotic afternoon

sunday afternoon, was an impromptu long drive to the yeoor hills in thane district. abhijeet and amruta were nice company together.
the city clutter starts getting left behind as upvan is crossed and gives way to the ghats patch.. this by the way was also a part where leopards were dreaded to be on the prowl once upon a time.
yeoor hills are characterized by cool temperature and many resorts all over the place. bikers keep zooming in and out.
we went to this resort called exotica. you can see the board as soon as you enter the protected forest area and take the first right turn. the place lives up to its name. all the interiors are wooden and have a look and feel like a malaysian sea side restaurant. exotica4 there are long passages covered on your sides by dense flora and fauna leading to open air buffet arrangements or roofed ethnic lounges inside. the entire thing was a good four five feet from ground level and the ground was a nicely maintained pool. as we walked over to connecting lounges etc, we could see fish, violet coloured lotuses et al in the water beneath… there were huge brass urns that had floating flowers and candles.
the forest they had created inside was very equatorial… dense and myriad varieties of shapes and shades of green.
we took the first lounge we saw. exotica21
wooden ceilings had coloured lights. they had a quiet bar in the far corner with all wooden furnishings too.. we remembered pondicherry.
our menu was luckily chosen well too.. chilled mocktails. an exotic starter with mushrooms, grilled babycorn and broccoli. the sauce the bound this all was tasting great.
then followed a heavy lunch with sabzis n rotis et al.
later we took an entertaining walk around the place amidst chit chat.
it was a great afternoon.