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food fortnight

this is going to be a simple blog post, just mentioning last fortnight’s updates.

last sunday night, we soaked some green pulses in water. monday morning saw usal – cooked and gravied dish from sprouted pulses, which also later became misal by garnishing with onion, sev, tomato and a dash of yoghurt. tuesday was kadhi – tangy buttermilk side dish with ginger flavour. on wedesday we had palak parothas. Thursday, was a normal maharashtrian poli(roti) bhaji(sabzi) koshimbir(salad with tadka) amti bhaat and dahi day. Friday we had hot masaledar butter paav bhaaji and soft dahi wadas. they were really good and i thought wow what a marathon with cooking going on. Friday we had soaked and readied batter which turned into sumptuous dosas and sambhar on saturday. sunday we had monchow noodles soup but in a restaurant.

before we realised it was next monday again and we decided to make it a usal day once more but this time – walachi usal, the white gram. tuesday we had lemon rice, a south delicacy in which daal and lemon are used while cooking rice. thursday we had paneer tikka, its not very difficult to prepare however it tasted awesome due to the masaledar yet lemony flavour of the gravy. friday was supposed to be fruit salad but anand came up with a surprise plan of going to a resort for a day. those guys had really “cool” water sports and restaurants all around the place so friday we ate a lot of things to add to the list.

tonight, again we shall be going to someone for dinner and if i get to come early will definately love to post what we splurged on.