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new teacups

its early morning. the cook has just left. as i wash some assorted veggies, my eyes glance at the time and then tea cups on the shelf. i leave the veggies in the cooker for the kid’s soup and start clearing the mess in front of me with practice and without thought. the cups are wearing out and i need to pull out new ones. water heats in the teapot and i add some sliced ginger for the cold weather. the husband is almost ready and stacking away untidily the bunch of boxes that i just packed. theres a box having new cups, maybe i should start using them now.

suddenly i feel its a busy weekday evening on mount road, chennai and we both have just met after work. we walk into popatlal and sons – the huge and old fashioned crockery shop. he is thinking about work, i am dreaming about crockery. i want the funky, he said it wasnt classy. finally we buy these cups.

oh the tea is boiling already. i shall filter it into the usual cups only. the new cups are already full – of memories.


taare zameen par

par excellence – is the word… aamir khan is just a cut above bollywood… he has proved himself again….

the movie is about a small kid about 8-9 years old and a li’ll below average performance, owing to

improper care and unsufficient communication and understanding on the part of parents and teachers. how differently and cutely he observes every tiny thing around him. he turns stubborn to hide his inefficiency, and is not able to match upto his elder brother’s performance, is left behind in the other classmates’ competition.

his parents drop him in a hostel to counter this problem but this leaves him feeling that they don’t care for him and he totally loses his confidence and interest in everything … that’s when a new painting teacher (aamir) enters his life and changes everything. makes him look at the world differently and makes everyone else look at him differently.with new found confidence and vigour, the kid performs well above his classmates next term and emerges as an excellent painter too..whats extra ordinary about the movie is, they have taken care of every li’ll detail in everyday life and presented it in a very touching  way..  and every situation is sooo real… . i mean you have seen such kids in your class.. maybe in your family, sometimes maybe you have closely tried to find out how they think.. and now you know how miserable they feel when the world treats them the way it does.

after the show, there was silence in the theatre and, people with tear-filled eyes in lifts and parking lots… the movie shall help parents be better parents, teachers become better teachers, and its not about only kids, it’s a generic message i feel…everyone around you is trying to communicate something, verbally or non verbally,everyone has a point of view, and we can be better human beings only by being sensitive to others.

there are lot of people who give attitude, to prove they are important, they critisice others, find faults in others to hide their mistakes, pick on a meek friend in public,etc. i think this movie changes  your attitude completely and finds that matured and sensitve self within you…


sorry no rating : i think trying to rate it shall be disrespecting the fact that its doubtlesly one of the best movies ever made.