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anand and his iim campus

yeah, just like the very predictable post title, we were in bangalore this weekend. 

anand, is an alumnus of indian institute of management (IIM) bangalore, a business school which is ranked amongst the top 100 in the world. in india its ranked second. they had invited him over to speak to the new batch of students who just came in a week ago after thoroughly competitive rounds of selection process – speak about his life at the campus, what approach to have, what to focus on, how to get good grades / exchange programs, what kind of work was he doing right now etc etc… later they presented him with a sandalwood sovenier for gracing the occasion..

i have no words to express how proud i was to be there in the front row and watch him speak,  students gathering around him later to ask questions and asking for his visiting cards.. i mean, he is one person who never ever discusses many self praising things, i never knew many things about his insititute, campus, alumni  in the last couple of years… it was only now when i visited that i got to see him this way, got to meet some really genuine students/ alumni/academia and got an opprtunity to feel the essense inside the campus ecosystem… and why everything about it is so special to the rest of the world.

they really treated us warmly… we were put up in the campus guest house of very good quality, had a car to pick n drop us, n were asked to provide our travel tickets to be re imbursed, it seems it was the norm when someone came over as a guest speaker… but anand told them, wherever i am and whatever i do is because of the institute, i am not crazy to get things re imbursed!

for him it was exhilarating to be on the other side of the story, and not be the representative of some committee to coordinate on walky talky for the guest coming and staying over 🙂  we spent long time taking walk in the campus, which has a complicated structure, stairs from somewhere lead somewhere else,  we go round library building n something unexpected comes up which you think you had left behind.. etc. but all in all it’s a magnificent enough to make minds staying within think bigger and forget the smaller… had a good time seeing his favourite (and dreaded) places, as he relived through his memories again…

i am really happy to have a hubby like him, not only qualification-wise but in terms of genuinity and the cream of society he fits into.. it only encourages me to do better on my career and education front..

i have one thought to share. i have met quite a few people from good b-schools, institutes. but some of them are really very genuine people who let their personality and work speak for them. they re humble and respect  everything else too..  there is a certain quality to their attitude and body language which has that subtle edge above the rest.

however there are some who might have got into these institutes with lot of hard work and intelligence but display sheer ordinaire. they forget that the journey has just begun once you are in the outside world, its not over once the course is over. by letting out, self praising facts in every other conversation or trying to show off  humility, only highlights mediocrity..

be good, life will always offer the beautiful.