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diaries again…

we had a long weekend this time… it was nice. friday we had anand’s uncle from pune visiting us for breakfast so we had made sure that breakfast was as heavy as lunch if not more.

it was holi festival that day. hindus believe that you have to burn all the evil intentions in a fire – that had once burnt the not-so-well-wishers of young prahlad, but kept him in tact due to his purity. friday was also one of those rare days when i was really cooking for that long n made some delicacies like puran, bhajjis etc later in the day. it was raining cats n dogs with heavy thunder n lightning here in chennai so god literally poured water on our plans to lite holi – i told myself, we are already very pure human beings, theres nothing to burn. 

evening we saw the new movie – race. it was surprisingly kewl!! hummable n foot tapping songs, good looking n well dressed guys n gals, amazingly gripping story. the cinematography needs special mention – the word is suave. there is scene focusing on a fast black porsche from high up and the scene moves upto 180 degrees till the car moves from behind beneath you to ahead and farther away from sight… too good. the race course, lights in the background, beaches of south africa, give the whole thing a larger than life look. definitely worth a watch in theatre – don’t miss the impact on dvds. now thats what a thriller is supposed to be- jam packed with entertainment.

next day, on rangapanchami, we hosted the celebrations and a gang of friends had come over. since we have a bigger courtyard to our house (50meter  x 50 meter). before they came, we had arranged outside  samosas, mithai, fruits salad, chips, cola drinks etc, chairs to sit and color dirty 😉 balloons filled with water, some decoration , a handpainted poster of happy holi (nothing is bad – its amateur .. ok next) a water pipe connection, had stocked loads of oil, shampoo etc for people to recover from colours et al… i know now why they say sometimes that the jouney is more fun than destination… but here both was! we all had lots of fun that day. ordered pizza for lunch at 4 pm.  

hey when i look back it looks like quiet some action… evening friends left, but came back again 7-8 ish, we watched and discussed mtv roadies. then they left their vehicles and we all walked down to don pepe the restaurant – food was excellent as usual. don pepe is known for its sizzlers. this time i didn meet bump into anyone from office there, so no coincidences.

sunday was quiet, recovering from tiredness, intermediate sleeping, eating, watching the heavy rain, chai. anand played chess, i watched friends season 10 till rachel and ross’s baby’s birthday episode.