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..food for thought that is

its been a while we are unsubscribing and re subscribing and trying to get entertainment from the print media.
we all rethink (frankly get bored) of what we have been reading at some point of time or the other.

times of india is like is a pepp up. it comes with a lot of colourful supplements and the pepping up part is – u can browse through almost all of that before u finish a cup of tea. i mean theres too much visual relief
but little to read and think about. apart from politics and violence which if you chose not to read,
you can catch up the next day. all of it will look similar. then they have one editorial page, where the bachis and jugs of the world write till sarcasm kills.
too much footage for that one.

next, DNA. its concise and no frills. reader feels the same – no frills. 🙂

economic times is something we have settled to. it has something for everyone, yes they manage good matter without losing focus on economics of course.

now theres this entirely different category – magazines for women, which i am interested in.
a good magazine for a woman on the go should talk about issues that matter to her, money management the way women want to learn about (its much simpler than what they talk about in economic times hahaha), about homes, about quick kid lunches tips maybe, about kitchen tricks, about work life balance, about careers…in practical ways which i can conform with.
a little research in the area, showed me a wide spectrum on reading habits.
femina, the most leading fortnightly is just toooo glamourous for a normal woman to feel
good about anything. you pay 75 bucks every fifteen days to only and only see that u donot have designer
velvetty diamond studded footwear to match every dress, and have to remind yourself after every two pages that you are not in the modelling profession and hence donot own all those make up products and evening gowns. awwww gosh.
theres a magazine called “me” sent out be the DNA newspaper guys. i got it for a few months. it talks about successfull women, travel, and some trivia everytime. better. a lot of data though and no heart to heart connection.
in the us of a there was a good magazine i always read the redbook magazine. very balanced content and interesting issues.
compare that to the indian magazines and theres one thats close – new woman. balanced, all round content that matters. right now i am reading this before my noon siestas.