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weekend in namma bangalore..enjoi maadi

we travelled to bangalore on friday night, with sridhar and ranjini, in bangalore express. reached cantonement by 4.30am n  then bengaluru by 5am.

weather was cooler than cool! we hired pre paid cab n reached university campus if iim-b where we were put up. the temperature inside the campus was easily 3-4 degrees lower than city (which was also cold by the way) due to crazy amount of greenery, well maintained landscaping in every nook and corner and stone structures all over..

entire bangalore is characterized by lots of greenery, cleanliness and an underlying aesthetic sense to every house, every shop, every girl walking down the street who is innovatively dressed.. the climate was rainy n cloudy n it spiced up our holiday feeling..

however theres really a lot of orderly non-honking traffic, on these quiet  green roads, and it takes long time to reach from one place to the other…  this phenomena is more bogging down than in mumbai… which was one surprising thing for me.

we met smita and naveen on mg road and hung out in the area, had chat amongst lot of chit chat n laughter, n later went to one of the many malls on brigade road.. smita has been a very good and old friend and anand and naveen met for the first time. but we all struck off surprisingly well and had fun.. there are some people who connect, and not bring other material things in between, and i think we all had connected with honesty. it was a nice evening.

sunday we went to banerghatta national park, as it was close to where we were put up. its grand safari is worth seeing, there is good variety like white tiger, lions, bears etc. the zoo is also worth a watch. we have shot peahens spreading the entire beautiful bunch of colourful feathers on the rainy day n a baby elephant playing mischief with his flock 🙂

sunday night, a university car dropped us back to bengaluru station, and we had a night train back home again.

it was a crisp n memorable weekend.

take aways:

1. i knew about one new city

2. we thought we should do something to stay in a better city.

3. smita got inspiration to start a walk in the evenings, after she learnt our  morning schedule 🙂