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karthik calling karthik

karthik callin karthik…

cuh-maun farhan how could you do this after dil chahta hai and rock on..
you have disappointed an entire cult following of yours..

a mediocre story line based straight out of a ‘self help – build your confidence’ types book… well educated talented and hardworking young man is bullied by everyone due to his submissive behaviour as he grapples with some nightmarish childhood memories.
then he gets a call from himself. calls follow, for hours everyday. he helps himself out of his problems one by one by building on things like – learn to say no, show people you are useful to them, and the kind. suddenly his detractors are scared of him, his is the apple of his boss’s eye and the hottie in office – read deepika padukone – starts dating him, landlord stops holding him for a ransom every morning etcetera.

Karthik Calling Karthik poster

“uff teri ada, i love the way you groove” is a good song and deepika and farhan have some chemistry, good pair..

all of the above is wound up in the first 45 minutes of the movie. however now, he has to confess to his girlfriend about his phone friend, gets an ultimatum to get psychologically treated instead and tries to cope up with it for the sake of the girl.. here is where you really lose interest, the direction is plain jane with most of the dialogues having no background music – a la farhan akhtar. the story gets really slow and you aren’t sure wether there is a climax at all.

my rating : a wrong attempt to adapt the hollywood brad pitt starrer fight club.



Rann, Amitabh Bachchan,Ritesh Deshmukh,Paresh Rawal,Mohnish Behl,Suchitra Krishnamurthy,Rajat Kapoor,Gul Panag,Neetu Chandra,Rajpal Yadav,Sudeep,Rahul Pendkalkar,Neena Kulkarni,Simone Singh,Iklaq Khan,K K Raina

Amitabh Bachhan owns and runs a news channel with authentic news pledging to all media ethics. However due to this, his channel is not a hit with the TRPs, though it has a respectable image. One of his ex employees has left him to start another channel B which is a big hit owing to the true and false masala it offers to viewers as well as some betrayers working with A. Amitabh’s son who has returned from the US after an affluent education wants to revamp A’s revenues and market share. There is an industrialist and a politician in this hullabaloo too who have their own vested interests.

Now a false sting operation video and exchange of interests in the background makes for a fast and furious story line, just like ram gopal verma’s sarkar and sarkar raj(i am praising only the story part strictly 🙂 ). it is ritesh deshmukh, an employee with A who unravels the dark side of politics, bureucracy and media. performances are good, bad and mediocre, amitabh bachhan with good role in some time.

maybe madhur bhandarkar is thinking…. hey how did i miss out on the media thingie?? hmmmmmm this rgv guy has gone places from underworld to politics to media … i shall have to be quicker to put the remaining professions in my kitty..

my rating : * * * one time watch.

PS : on the 3rd, read about unfortunate death of Mr Pravin Mahajan, imprisoned uncle of Rahul Mahajan who is getting married today on the 6th in his reality show… the show sure gets a lot of TRPs owing to the timing of these events.. i couldnt help wondering whats going on here…

business india businessman of the year award 2009 goes toooooooo aditya puri

we were invited to the above awards function organized by business india, a leading monthly, at royal western turf club, mahalakshmi race course.

i joined anand in his office in bkc and we took the bandra worli sea link to reach the venue. the cool breeze and the lights on this latest sealine of mumbai already felt like it was going to be a pleasant evening. and it was.

as we entered all the guests had a red carpet welcome with the magazine hosts lined up on both sides of the red carpet till the cocktail arena. lightly fragrant white and peach flowers, tinkling of wine glasses, welcome hugs and hushed conversations amongst the who’s who of the finance and banking industry, pretty much summed up this hour.

then there was an announcement that the chief guest for the event – dr shashi tharoor – our minister of state for external affairs, had arrived and people started taking their seats.

early birds

there were honest and interesting addresses by mr oberoi – last year’s businessman of the year, pheroza bilimoria – managing director business india and most important – aditya puri, the award winner and CEO of HDFC bank, who was announced in the previous edition of the magazine itself. they showed a small movie clip about what his friends and family had to say about him. the ceo of state bank of india had something nice to say about him “there is so much work to be done on the indian banking scene that there is no time and space for any destructive competition. aditya thinks like me and hence i like him.” 🙂

u can see more the event here.

shashi tharoor as usual enthralled the guests with his witty sense of humour. he opened his speech saying “foreign affairs ministry in india was previously like two elephants making love. it was at a very high level, it made a lot of noise and it took two years to see any result”. but he also assured that things were changing fast and indian politics was getting more modern.

dinner was good continental fare. desserts were nice.

it was time to go back home and we remembered two longingly waiting eyes of our baby as we drove back.

of restaurant tipping and behaviour quotients

how much do people tip in restaurants ?

75% of people tip 10% of the bill.
11% of people leave 20% of the bill.
10% of people leave no tip!
4% of people tip more than 20% of the bill.

these results have some more insights.

in a section of society, if we assume 10% of bill amount is a good tipping practice, a majority 75% follows it honestly. this section of people are prompt and honest. they are bound by dutifulness. they are also the same ones who use their own pens while writing out a slip in the bank, plan grocery shopping two days before a lunch party, if a friend pays for something -immediately calculate the bill division and pay up, find it embarrassing and non dutiful to leave dues pending – dues of any sort, monetory or favour wise.

the second 11% section tips some more. its found that these are more travelled people, seen better tipping practices in different places, are earning more than average, or have been to the particular restaurant often and kind of know the familiar faces etc.

the third 10% section leaves no tip! these are the most disrespected people. these are people who have had stingy family backgrounds in the past, lower income families, have grown up seeing how to never let go of their own things, never gift anyone richly, never offer to share money, be happy if colleagues are continually paying dinner n drink bills and never ever offer on their own, hunt for free offers etc. with time they are in good economic and educational backgrounds, visit restaurants as in our above main point, and are aware of tipping practices, are surrounded by quality broad minded crowd. however their baggage is so heavy that they cannot let go of their habits and fall prey to criticism from peers. its not about the money they have saved, its about the reputation they have lost and are called names behind their back – ‘oh so middle class’ or ‘downmarket’

the fourth section which is the thinnest 4%, took some time to differentiate and analyse. these people are bound by compulsive flamboyance, maybe while taking a prospective client on a business lunch or the ultra rich who book entire lounges for privacy etc etc. all i can say about them is, wish i had that kind of money… hahahaha

so much so for the (un) cool tipping…

glam nails on the go

glam because they have to be after all that effort! easy because that’s the kind of patience i am left with thanks to this pregginess 🙂
so here we go :

1 . first of all use a good branded nail remover and clean them. other acetone products remove luster from nails and dehydrate. so avoidable. use cotton and no tissues.

2. now clip them neatly if too long / shape with emery board. donot use metal products for filing they spoil nails in long run. avoid filing on corners and go along in one direction. nails can chip if filed from both sides.

3. put some moisturizer on each nail and gently push back the cuticles as you scrub the nail surface. moisturizer is the simplest available lotion at home unlike all those products they put up in magazines and nail parlours. scrub ensures that the nail surfaces smoothens and dead skin is got rid of. use rose wood stick or the likes u get in market. i prefer metal stick here with a wide base for scrubbing.

4. clean with cotton again.

5. apply a nice shade of polish. there will be spring trends n summer trends n officewear trends and so on… but only a few particular shades shall always look good on your skin tone and size of nails. stick to them. lighter but pastel shades are easy to maintain. silvers and shiny pinks might change colours if u eat spicy indian food regularly 🙂 dark wine shades and deep reds look bold and great and make your skin look lighter but can be seen easily when they start chipping. maybe you can use a fun colour advisor from here

6. apply linseed oil/ teel oil on the nails in all corners, massage gently. a good substitute is olive oil too whichever is available. there are cuticle oils and creams, hand massage creams, nail protectors and so on… however i have stuck to easier things you can find at home always.
the entire activity should take maximum of 15 mins,

……and ma’am you are good to go!


loggin in after a really long time…phew!!
finally have managed to upload pics of the finished house. let me walk you through – welcome 🙂



this is the drawing room from both sides. we have managed to collect some artefacts, especially the wooden tumpa that shines in the spotlight.
the pottery was terracotta. we handpainted it at home to give it a glossy copper look.

have a couple of indoor palms in the window sill. planning to add a bouganvilla there, the search is on for a good colour considering the variety in the species.. suggestions are welcome..



above is the bedroom, this one is pretty simple, a bed,side tables n wardrobe. end of story. the bed like i described in a previous post has an margin if 4 inches on all sides moe than the mattress. thats the only design part. lot of work went into designing the wardrobes according to specific needs on the inside.

now, the kitchen..



the centre is a cutting table, the crokery cabinets are lit up inside and my favourite corner is the square glass blocks where we have kept our candles.

the dark room overlooking the kitchen is the fourth room, which just has a book shelf and water tank 🙂 so its definately not worth uploading a high resolution pic of the same. the space is good there though, we might work on it in future.


again, we have a new pigeon family in another window sill.. now considering the fact that even some hotels in las vegas have pigeons floating in their pools and cant do much about it, our house has- hahaha- i mean, too less protection against the “feathered rats”..


the plants next to it provide the cover.. babies are out..ugly n cute as ever…
this time the wait seems shorter till they fly..it shall be inhuman in my opinion to clean them or discard them, unless they fly out themselves.. the previous family had taken lot of time comparatively…
i m planning to call housekeeping guys to clean this time ok.

if u happen to have pigeons in your house, just for fyi, the risk of being struck by pigeons is one occurence every 9,300 years!
well if there are questions still, you can fall under one of these categories-
one, the informative type – then this link might help
two, the practical type(jus trying to be diplomatic) – then this is the link for you