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cunnoor or coonoor ?

it was the first time i experienced such a long pongal vacation, in mumbai we never knew anything more than its name! mom n dad (the ‘in law’ suffix doesn’t make much difference in my life, yeah they are as loving as my parents) are visiting us, and we wanted to make the most of  the weekend… hence coonoor… generally travelogues start with how we started n which bus we took and where we stopped etc etc, but unless you are planning to go there like next week or something, you really don’t feel like reading all that… so with a li’ll fast forward, we are in coonoor… its as picturesque as dreams can ever get!! we are put up in a pretty citibank guesthouse (anand is a citibanker). overlooking the taj garden retreat, this is in upper cunnoor.. just very close to the marketplace…  the first day was spent lazying about and taking long walks, and playing golf in the mini course, the cooks in the guest house put together really tasty and simple food… the next day we took a coonoor tour in a tourist cab and like a typical hill station we were shown few places like dolphin’s nose, suicide point (theres one in every hill station i bet!! 🙂 ) , water falls etc etc. we have a fresh stock of  snaps  n videos now, will upload on the photos link here tonight.. the third day we took an ooty tour, which is half an hour away from coonoor. its bigger n more commercialized tourism, pretty place though. 

in the daytime we used to freak out, eat in some very good places, evenings would bring in cold with them and gradually chilling breeze, and then was time to retreat to the guest house, gather in front part near the porch n play cards next to the heater, all four of us sitting under different corners of the same blanket.. 🙂

 i am glad we breathed in more of the essence of the place than from a tourist point of view.. the whole place is full of tea estates, all the hills are laden with neat carpets of tea plantations… walking down the hills, seeing the sky change colours, having a hot cuppa chai at a local stall is life. there are tiny government transportation buses that take you places if you’re tired walking… 

this was pretty much my version of our trip. cute n crisp holiday ‘twas..


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