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lunch in cascade

sameer kaka from mumbai, came down for a day’s work visit to chennai.he was to leave today evening and hence couldn’t come to see our home.i went out to lunch with him to this place called cascade.

this is a good place to take someone out, whos new to chennai.

unfortuntely though, it was a short notice, we could have arranged for a better plan, i felt, anand could’ve metup too…

 they make some amazing crackling spinach. almost every dish i have tasted in my many visits so far, everything has been good enough to recommend and crackling spinach is the common favourite starter. the ambience is classy, spacious and comfortable seating, and theres lot of natural sunlight, makes it a good lunch location…they have bigger helpings of the dish you’ve ordered, and they serve you portions in your plate, as you eat, so you can say, its good service. 

rating : tasty variety food. people (like me) who aren’t fond of chinese can start from here.


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