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murugan idli factory

just yesterday, there were two visitors from pune here in chennai… they were inquiring about places which they could see in three four days…

first thing i suggested was… you should have dinner in murugan idli before going… as that’s the essence of this city…  this place makes some of the most delicious, spongy soft idlis i’ve ever had on any other place on this earth…they serve you plaintain leaves to eat on (big sized banana leaves) and since its always crowded, they want you too eat soon and leave 🙂 so the waiters are fast, and before you know or order anything.. there are three – four varieties of chutneys on your plate and two steaming idlis briskly and accurately hurled from a small distance, but they are soooo amazing, you can easily pardon the rest.… you have to be fast here… eat fast and think about the next dish fast too… you can order onion uttappams, sweet pongal which is also a speciality…  a heavy meal for two consisting of idlis, uttapams, dosas, pongal costs you around 80-90 bucks ! i wonder how they manage that… 

rating : * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 🙂


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too cool!

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